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FYI - Website updates

Just to let you know that I have updated my website blog entries that may be of interest to some.

- reformatted my 'influencer' series to make them more readable, worth reading if you are ever looking for inspiration (more will be added over time).

- added a perspective on why we should wean ourselves away from the rule of thirds, with a link to a related YouTube video.

Just passing on, choose to check/ignore as you wish.


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Guess what I chose?

You got me on that one - I have absolutely no idea.... :-)

The format is really nice, and I always enjoy reading about these artists. All your blog entries are just the right length for an enjoyable, quick read over breakfast. Also, just checked out the Youtube link in your Rule of Thirds blog (and subscribed to the channel). Thanks for the information; I always appreciate your offerings!

Thanks Jennifer. It is rewarding to hear that the articles are of help to others (which is my primary goal).

With the website being rebuilt I am recreating and adding blog content regularly.