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Great cormorant(s) in flight

I'm aiming to become good in photographing birds in flight.. but my attempts do not yet deliver. I have a couple 'almost' but not quite, so I decided to blend them into 1 image.

What do you think ?

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Pretty cool. I like the effect but it's a bit busy for my tastes. One less bird and a little more spaced apart perhaps?

Thanks !

My first attempt was with 5 of them (actually it was 1 series of shots of the same bird on 1 take-off) where I wanted to show the sequence, but I didn't like the effect. Next attempt was trying to spread them, but with 5 it was certainly too busy so I totally get it.

I will play with it a bit more and post an update soon..

This is a great idea, Ian. I look forward to seeing your updates as you play around with the idea. The potential is endless. I could see a framed print like this hanging in someone's cabin.

Thanks !

I'm thinking wallpaper. I know some people that would love to have that as a repeated patterned covering a wall.

I like the technique and interested is seeing that you do with it.

Thanks !

I added 2 more attempts, with a slightly different crop, but otherwise the same composition. I'm pretty happy with both, Thanks Charles Mercier for suggesting to get rid of one bird, makes the image a lot less crowdy.

Definitely a better composition!

Thanks !

Aren't you glad you revisited Experimental?

Absolutely !

Though my favorite genres are wildlife and macro, I believe that you can experiment in every genre.

The only time you stop learning is when you stop trying.