Agave Abstract

These are the leaves of an octopus agave - a striking plant that lends itself to abstracts due to its twisted leaves.

Two you haven't seen before

These are back in the Tango in early December (Pearl Harbor day). The white in the first one is ice. The EXIF data says these were shot about two minutes apart in mid-afternoon, so they couldn't have been too far from one another. I don't move that quickly. It's surprising that they have such different coloration.

How to get rid of reflection?

When I do my ink drops, there is a layer of oil on top of the water. The ink drops come to rest between the water and oil layers before falling through. These two images are taken of the top of the container rather than from the side as for the ink drops.

The big splotches of color are from drops that have poked through. However, the...

marine terminal

For me, the minimalist photo consists in extracting the essential from a place, a character, an object or a situation. Summarize the subject to what emanates from it, what is its essence.
This photo shows a marine signal post off Deauville (France). The Channel's skyline crosses an object perpendicularly with a basic/simple geometry and...

Beaches 2013

Cape May, NJ, summer 2013, Nikon FM 210mm HP5+ (so don't ask to see the color version) about 7 AM still a bit misty. There was even less contrast on the unprocessed scan. Hardly any separation between the beach and the ocean.

art with art?

Trying to create and artistic viex from an art construction. This sculpture does exist in Le Havre (north of France). Then I played with sun light at sunrise while sunrays hit thhe front of the scultpure. I played too with horizontal an vertical lines (sculpture, sea horizon and beach). However, the lines created by shadows are a sort of...


Not much to say about this, except that it was very big, and that it's gone now. :-(

Green Cement Wall

The old closed military base nearby provides many sources of one of my favorite subjects - old walls! Here is a pretty one on which algae have greened up with the warming temperatures.