Just an old trail blaze on a nature trail near home. It's been there a while. CC Apreciated.

More Complex Flower Shot

I usually do single flower versions of these (like the last one of dogwood). However, the few more complex ones I've done have gotten high ratings so I thought I'd try some more. These are from today.

Also, this was my first day out with a 1960 Tokina/Vivitar 5.5 300mm prime lens. It is not an easy lens to get used to as it is totally...

Apocalypse rider

Is it abstract enough? Rainy night...light refractions through water droplets on my car window was giving some 'unnatural' scene at certain angle when everything was defocussed...waited for a rider and captured.

I Must Be Moody Again ...

I have quite a collection of these so I am hoping to get an idea of the ones that really impress. I'll be posting a few at a time. I took these yesterday and today so they are the newest.

I am thinking of a series and want to put that best forward for consideration.


"Underfoot," Day 6, #11 #12

#11, Susan's Feet, Plymouth Square, Conshohocken
#12, Sidewalk, Callowhill Street, Philadelphia

Yeah, I know, the first one is neither minimalist nor abstract, but it does define "Underfoot." First my dog (a couple of days ago) and then my wife. The larger series has more of this.

"Underfoot" Day 5, #9 #10

#9, Entranceway, Penn Medicine, Radnor, PA
#10, Parking Lot, Wal-Mart, Jeffersonville, PA

Lauralynn White's Contemporary Art Gallery opens for the season on June 16, 2019. It is about a mile from the main entrance to the Chautauqua Institute, which is a big deal thereabouts. My late Uncle George and Aunt Helen had a house on the...

Recipe of something special

Evening all, let me share my thoughts.

Last few years photography was my hobby and passion and I was hoping that one day, one of my photos gets recognition and it gonna be a breakthrough for me. And now I've found "Fstoppers" and exploring all your work I've realized how small am I compared to you guys. I've realized importance of...

Day 3. "Underfoot" #5 #6.

As mentioned before these are two of the twenty photographs that I will be exhibiting at Lauralynn White's Contemporary Art Gallery in Chautauqua, New York from mid-June through Labor Day 2019. I will be there in late July for a "Meet the Artist" event. Details to follow a bit closer to the day.

#5, Parking Lot Line, Diamond Beach, NJ...

Urban Japan in Abstract.

Over the last few months I've been going out with my 70-200mm to capture more abstract buildings. This has helped me rediscover the places I've visited many time before. It also allows me to capture more photos without traveling too far, which helps me spend more time with my family, while still getting some keepers. These are a few of my...

A Couple of Moody Blooms

Just a quick walk this morning to "check the area" revealed some beautiful flowers. These were both in dark shadows with rays of sunlight that came through the canopy.

Out of this world

I think cactus are amazingly weird and beautiful in their own sharp prickly way, so I tried to take them out of this world and into another strange world not seen before.

Obsession with Water

I've always had an obsession with spending time near water, and have recently been trying to portray the feelings I have during long stints sitting by lakes, oceans, and rivers. I've been drawn to shooting landscapes with water since I started photography, but I've become more and more interested in the minimal atmosphere exampled in these...

From the Top

When I do my inks (on my profile) the views of those are from the side. If you could look straight down at the surface, this is what you'd see!

There is some grain issue here that I am going to run through a de-noise program as soon as I get it.

Feedback Welcome!

Blue Shutter

This is a capture from an abandoned home I shot yesterday.I love the character in the old wood and peeling paint.

Sincere feedback and suggestions for possible enhancement welcomed.

Minimal Lanscape

It was raining on Saturday morning. A brief window opened up early in the morning so I ran down to the the beach hoping to catch just this - rain in the distance with some open sky. The dark version is closer to what it really looked like but i wanted to be able to see the boat so I lightened it up.

Feedback welcome!

Underfoot #3 #4

These are the third and fourth in the Underfoot series. As mentioned yesterday, twenty of these will be exhibited at Lauralynn White's Contemporary Art Gallery in Chautauqua, New York from mid-June through Labor Day 2019. Some of these are more abstract than some others. I'll be there in late July for a "Meet the Artist" event.