Steam Powered Tractors

I visited a local steam powered show over the weekend and took a few photos. I really liked the composition of this one, but didn't like much else, so I thought I'd process it in Lightroom and see if I could pull something out of it. Here are the results. A bit of split toning and some other standard Lightroom tricks used.

#Me too - he too

On escalator photo (, foto nr. 2573211, (c) StockSnap) and fennel photo (own photo) are composited. The final picture got a new look from two different images...

Heavy sunset post processing

Post Processing video for this image:

Post Processing mostly done in Lightroom and a little bit of Photoshop. Of course this might be a bit too much for some folks, but I just like it colorful with lots of glow :-)

Golden Retriever in a Snowy Field

For the writeup on what I did, hit the link

What else, if anything, would you change? (other than composition, which is a sticking point for me)

First Extreme Shoe Retouch

This is my first attempt at a retouch of this magnitude. is there anything that stands out to you? what would you change? how would you go about doing a retouch like this? I mostly used Frequency separation to clean up the dirt and scratches.

Finding a "natural" headshot retoucher

... It's not easy! Almost all retouchers understandably go towards beauty retouching. But I don't shoot models, I shoot corporate people, and actors. They need to look like themselves. Finding that balance between cleaning skin up, but not looking perfect is a tough find. Anybody have any recommendations? This is the type of stuff i'm looking...

Advice on finding an artistic retoucher for long-term collaboration

I've been doing 95% of my own editing since I began shooting, but for the sake of creative growth and mixing it up (and productivity, since my edits lag behind my shoot pace), I'd like to find a good retoucher to collaborate with, ideally a long-term collaboration

My work is primarily art and fashion/glamour/nude portraits, which a...

Russian Post Processing

Hey Guys,

I'm curious to know where Russian Photographers go to develop their style. A lot of the ones i've seen on FStoppers or 500px have similar editing techniques. Aside from their GORGEOUS Models their color palettes, skin smoothing and even style are very similar. I wonder how they edit their images.

Georgy Chernyadyev...

Is green/blue screening skin for retouching later a thing?

I have a shoot coming up that features a sheer-ish bra, and model is not comfortable showing nipple. The bra has fairly intricate detailing, so I don't want to shoot pasties if possible, i got some nipple covers just in case, but I had a thought. If i used blue/green painters tape to cover the nipples, could I then just green/blue screen them...