I made this image under not so good lighting conditions at my photoclub. I made a low-key out of it in post and gave it a color toning. I know that post editing is not about making good photos out of bad ones, but this is with what I came up with. Tips anybody?

Tic Toc!

I'm working on a personal project called, "TIME". It's a simple idea of photographing people with clocks. The concept for this photo required a 24" clock with roman numerals but all I had was a 3½" clock so I made a cardboard cutout and inserted the clock later using photoshop. My wife said, "try that in the darkroom" refering to the old film...

What do you see, like, or dislike?

A very impromptu shot on the way out to dinner with the fiance'. One speedlight on the balcony to her left. I've edited this six ways from sunday, and think I finally found a look I like. What do y'all think? What would you do different, and what issues do you see?

Waterfall engagement revisited

This photo was taken middle August 2018 and I applied some editing then to it, what I knew back then. Since then I've learnt a few editing tips and applied it recently. Am I going in the right direction.

Recent (close up) beauty shoot

Hello everyone,

I recently collaborated with two models and a muah artist to create these photos because I simply wanted to try these kinds of photos at least once and I'd love to know how I can improve on them :)

Please be as critical as you can possibly be, nitpick if you want. Whether it's the lighting, the composition or the...

new here :) + images

So i am new here as a photographer and here at fstoppers is one of my images out of my portfolio.
if you got some tips for me, tell me because i want to learn way much more ^^!