Process this photo yourselves

Hello you all!!
I am very curious about how you would process the photo of this Hotel Presidential Suite. I am so looking forward to seeing your versions!!! I was trying to upload the RAW file but I cannot do that!
Many thanks!!!

Would love to hear feedback!

Over the past 2 years I've gotten into Architectural Photography and the other day created my first solid twilight exterior shot. I'm eager to hear constructive criticism. Please and thank you!

Castle Rock

Standing atop castle rock
Edinburgh Castle, goes back 1100 years. Ancient from antiquity the stories this hill can tell . Walking through it takes you back into time cobble stone streets architecture built by hand.

Best Use of Lines?

Architectural photography is a primary interest of mine. Which - if any - of these 5 shots is the most memorable to you and makes the most effective use of lines? Is there a runner up? Why is your choice your choice? In what ways does the photo succeed?

New and need help

I am a hobby photographer who is interested in developing so that one day maybe it's a profession.
Here my first attempt will be on a panoramic picture. 4 pictures taken at 400m f4.5 then taken 4 pictures at 400m f4.5 with an hour in between.

The image is taken with a canon 70d
sigma 120-400.

Feedback on my first interiors?

I’ve recently started getting into shooting interiors and architecture so I decided to buy mike Kelley’s tutorial bundle, I’ve only watched about half of the first tutorial and couldn’t help but go out and give some of the techniques a try! All of these shots were taken with either a 24-105 canon or the 14mm samyang (I know it’s way wider than...

Moody Kitchen

Recently did a modeling shoot for one of my realtor clients in Vegas. I remembered this kitchen in a highrise listing I shot for him a while back and thought it would be a good location for a shot. Captured one with him in it and of course one without for myself. I also have a fully lit shot but I'm digging the more moody shot instead.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Sunset

I visited this mosque like every other tourist when I visited the United Arab Emirates. I went during the day and it was quite amazing. Photography wasn't the goal of this trip so I wasn't timing my shots for perfect photos. A few days later, while I was still in the UAE, I came across some sunset photos of the mosque and was blown away how...

Always Look Up (Even when underground!)

The Fulton Centre in NYC officially opened back in 2014 and serves as a transit hub for a number of subway lines operating through Manhattan. The centrepiece is the Sky Reflector Net, with its hundreds of aluminum mirrors that provide natural sunlight up to four stories underground, and is the first skylight in the NYC subway system since the...

New to Group

HI All, I'm new to the group and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linda McManus, I am based in Bucks County PA. I've been shooting both residential and commercial architecture and interiors for 20+ years and am always learning. Look forward to connecting and sharing ideas in our trade. I've shared some images of completed projects. I...

Single Frame Twilight

This is NOT HDR. I did run a 7 shot, 1 stop bracket to make sure I had what I needed, but the final image was made from a single frame and processed mostly in LR. It's pretty dramatic (maybe too much) but my client loves these. Just throwing it out for comments.

Kohler Signature Store - Vancouver

First Post! Curious what you think of these photos I shot for Kohler's showroom in Vancouver. Not a lot of light added as it was already lit to look the best it could (as a showroom). I sometimes struggle with getting my whites really white. Composition wise I was fairly happy with most of them!

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Sydney Opera house on sunset

With its "shell" look, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic and visited building in the world.
I've taken this photo few days ago but the editing still not convincing me.... Any suggestions?


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