Moving away from Real Estate towards Architectural Photography.

I am new in the city and try to get clients quickly, since I've quit my job for a real estate company who hired me for interiors but who did not allow me to shoot pictures of the kind of quality I wanted to produce. I am currently trying to go out to local hotels, restaurants, bars and coffeeshops with a few printed images, introducing myself...

Newbie in Architectural Photography looking for CC.

I am asking for CC.

This is the HQ of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Blindern, Oslo, Norway. The photograph features the tower of the new green building Tallhall and the old building from late 1800's.

- Do you consider this photo an architectural photograph or more a landscape photograph?
- As this was not a...

Looking for Feedback on Lightroom Edit (New User)

Hello! I am new to Lightroom Classic CC and would love some feedback on one of my first edits. I will admit I tried to remove the power lines and got frustrated so I think I will have to go to Photoshop to do that. This was taken in Portsmouth, NH. Areas I should address?

Dubai Heart of the City

Recently had the pleasure of visiting Dubai. For the longest time I have been fascinated with the mystery and beauty of this mirage in the desert. I was excited for the challenge I would face in capturing this city through my own eyes. Many have photographed this place and I wanted to do my best in creating something of my own. During my stay I...

Union Station in fog, Ocala

During the week when I made this shot, we had heavy fog every night after midnight and I would drive around looking for photo opportunities. I was rewarded virtually every night with something spectacular. This one was made around 2AM.

The train station in Ocala has not been used for regular stops in many years and the building is now...

Burj Khalifa - World's Tallest Building in Dubai

Welcome to the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper icon of Dubai! After capturing this city from above I wanted to get below to explore the grounds. I did alot of walking around shooting but narrowed it to this composition. This area is filled with locals and tourists so I opted to shoot past the railing to keep the busy...

Espirito Santo Plaza, Miami

This building at 1395 Brickell Avenue (currently known as the Brickell Arch) by Kohn Pedersen Fox is well known for its unique facade. The front of the building has a curved scallop that is vertical, while the flat part of the structure is tilted back slightly. When shot from street level, it looks like the flat part should be vertical, but if...

Wanting to get into real estate photography?

So currently I work as a full time photographer for a company, taking photos and creating videos of luxury accommodation. I came into the job with no experience of interior or architectural photography but have grown to love it!

Im really wanting to move into doing a bit of freelance work on the side of my job, mainly starting with some...

Apartment in B&W

Finishing off a Friday night with a client shoot with a difference. The client wanted images of his apartment renovation before he moved back in, so a blank canvas but with plenty of angles.

when you get woke up by neighbors

So, this morning I was woke up at around 0330 by my neighbors and wound up checking the weather to see if I can make the most of my disturbance of slumber. Struck gold!! Fog advisory, dense fog... so I get up, grab my gear and head into downtown Dallas and did some shooting. These photos are a result of it.

Thoughts? suggestions?

twilight drone shots

I've just recently started shooting twilight drone shots with a DJI Phantom 4. I'm shooting brackets of 5 and hand blending in lightroom/photoshop. Would love to hear some feedback on these in regards to areas of improvement. TIA

Contributions in the group are very nice

I've enjoyed looking over the shots already posted. Good work. It is nice to see the range of how people view architecture. Here are a few of the shots I've enjoyed taking.
Though I have no formal education in architecture, I have long been fascinated with how buildings of all sorts are designed and very interested in hearing the...

Photographing historic villages

it's my first post in this group. I'm not into urban photography, but I travel to a lot of historic villages, I've done it for years all over France mainly, with no real photographic eye. Some are lucky compositions, most are snapshots. My experience though is that it's quite difficult. The tentation first is to take it all in one...