Sibton Hall, Suffolk, UK.

I recently recorded a timelapse of a large country house in Suffolk, UK. After putting the timelapse together I realised I could use a range of the photos captured throughout the evening shoot to create a cool moody image. Sky has been replaced although it was very similar.

London Grey Skies

I really enjoy the comp of this photo and am thinking about colour grading the crane its original red. Any suggestions for this? or any other ideas to make this photo pop?

75 - 300mm lens

- edit -
im well aware that the bottom bridge is slightly off

Public library | Stuttgart | Germany

I wanted to share my progress in the architectural photography world.
The Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (formerly Stadtbücherei Stuttgart) is the public library of the city of Stuttgart. It is organised as a department of the city's cultural office and comprises the central library and 17 city district libraries. The new building...

Amsterdam tower swinging

The Amsterdam tower is a pretty iconic building in the Amsterdam skyline. Build as the former Shell head office on the north side. Now it has been redeveloped to a hotel/bar/restaurant/disco/viewpoint and contributed to making that part of the city more interesting to visit. The swing on top has proven to be a golden catch since there's no...

Ominous Morning Blanket

This shot was the result of a planned architectural sunrise aerial. However, the morning atmosphere can change quickly on the Southwest coast of Florida. Everything was looking good as I set up my equipment in the dark a blanket of fog quickly moved in and I thought all was lost. This was my best shot. I have not done much to the image other...


It was nearing the end of the day when I came across this interesting building. The light looked good as it was casting hard shadows. Without hesitation I knew exactly what the composition would be. This was probably one of the quickest compositions I've been able to create.

I would love to have a lot of discussion in this post. I'll...


It started out looking good to me but know I'm having trouble figuring out if my brain is deciding to like it more than it should. I'm on the fence and need some specific answers.

Exterior House

Hi Everyone, I'm been watching a lot of FStoppers videos and a casual lurker of the community for some time, however my first time posting. I've been enthralled with the techniques and processes for architecture photos and wanted to try my hand at it. I photographed and composited this image over the weekend as my first attempt. Any feedback is...

Sky Wave

This Image is very special to me because of the origin of the idea around it. I have been obsessed with the amazing work of photographer Jeroen Peters for some time and have been wanting to find architecture similar to what is featured in his work. I came across this building randomly and was surprised to find such an excellent subject. You can...