Great room on a cloudy day

I captured this image of the great room in a multi-million dollar home last week for one of my clients. It was a cloudy day and the views were not as good as they could have been.

Clock Tower After a Storm

I put this together after the tail end of a series of small rain storms and cloudy days. The building used to the train station and is now home to a newspaper. The clock has been stuck at 10 after 12 for quite some time.

Single Frame Twilight

This is NOT HDR. I did run a 7 shot, 1 stop bracket to make sure I had what I needed, but the final image was made from a single frame and processed mostly in LR. It's pretty dramatic (maybe too much) but my client loves these. Just throwing it out for comments.

Rate my architecture skills

this in one of my all time favorite images. i've put a lot of thought in it. at different days, different times. this is the one i liked the most. What do you guys think?
It's a 400 second exposure (ND filter+Polarizer) with my sigma 10-20 and the Canon 60D

too much post production?


i attached 2 versions of a shot i took for a cafe at Cairo, the first one is the raw without any edit, the second is after my full post processing from about 6 shots with different lighting.

let me know if you think it is over processed or it is fine, taking into consideration that the violet lighting the architect didn't...

Architectural photography vs Interior photography

Ive been shooting interiors for home builders and interior designers for 6 years. It has defined my style and technique since home builders require a certain look. Recently I've had some opportunities to capture images from a more architectural point of view. The two worlds are very different to me and not at the same time. I would some feed...

New to Group

HI All, I'm new to the group and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linda McManus, I am based in Bucks County PA. I've been shooting both residential and commercial architecture and interiors for 20+ years and am always learning. Look forward to connecting and sharing ideas in our trade. I've shared some images of completed projects. I...

Please Advise/Critique Me!

Hey all,

First time posting. I am a photographer looking to start my architectural/interiors photography business. I am currently shooting on a crop sensor nikon d5200 which I would eventually like to upgrade to a full frame.
So my question (in your opinion) is what could I be doing to improve the quality of my shots either...

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Sunset

I visited this mosque like every other tourist when I visited the United Arab Emirates. I went during the day and it was quite amazing. Photography wasn't the goal of this trip so I wasn't timing my shots for perfect photos. A few days later, while I was still in the UAE, I came across some sunset photos of the mosque and was blown away how...


First time on fstoppers :) Dreamed about defying gravity, woke up and made this. Model was shot in Chicago. Architecture is from the Galaxy Soho in Beijing. Thanks!