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Contributions in the group are very nice

I've enjoyed looking over the shots already posted. Good work. It is nice to see the range of how people view architecture. Here are a few of the shots I've enjoyed taking.
Though I have no formal education in architecture, I have long been fascinated with how buildings of all sorts are designed and very interested in hearing the considerations behind the build.

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Chris you've done a good job of covering buildings from the ground. You've also kept your lines fairly straight which is hard shooting up. (Except for the second shot of windows which needs some straightening).

I might share a tip that we architectural shooters do sometimes and that is get access to rooftops of nearby buildings so you can shoot with a fairly straight horizon. You may not be able to capture the entire building but it's great for detail shots. (You have a couple of those from the ground).

Keep sharing!

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Thank you Daniel.
I appreciate that feedback. Yes, I've thought about asking some buildings if I could access a different floor mainly for some interesting tops I simply can't see from the ground. I couldn't replace the shot for this post but I did readjust the second shot with better balance and even dramatic lighting adjustments.

I enjoy seeing what others have done here. I'm going to surf over yours!

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Better edit of the second shot

Chris, the reason I was suggesting a higher angle is because it reminds me of aviation fans who only shoot from the flight line at an airshow. It's obvious to the viewer that they only shoot passively from the sidelines.

You have great shots to start with and a few different angles tells anyone who might buy your work that you are committed to your craft.

The adjustments you made for the window shot really help. I was actually referring to the vertical lines. Note in this screen cap that your middle line is off a bit which is a little unsettling.

I also hope I don't sound like I'm criticizing your work because it's obvious you're having fun. Keep it up!

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting. Attached is an example of what I would try to do with your temple photo. I thought the original vertical lines were leaning too far back. I would prefer to have them as vertical as possible especially if photographing head-on from ground level.


Great! That takes the attention back on the opening rather than the frame. It's like a new photo.