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Dubai Heart of the City

Recently had the pleasure of visiting Dubai. For the longest time I have been fascinated with the mystery and beauty of this mirage in the desert. I was excited for the challenge I would face in capturing this city through my own eyes. Many have photographed this place and I wanted to do my best in creating something of my own. During my stay I decided to book a room that had a good birds eye perspective of the city giving me rooftop access to shoot sunrise and sunset. Here's my capture of the heart of the city, breathtaking is an understatement, this place is an architetural photographers paradise, I hope you all get to see it in person to appreciate its beauty. Big thanks to Elia Locardi for all the help while I was there.

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Awesome shot

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nicely done!

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This photo is amazing! So many detail!

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Thank you, much appreciated!

This is a tour de force! It's also amazing that you shot this through thick window glass.

Can you share a little more about your process? I'm curious how many capture images to create your final?

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Thank you Daniel! This was actually shot outside on the roof not through any window glass. I went out earlier in the day to establish my tripod setup to clear any railings and composition. Then I came back to the same spot and continued shooting brackets of 5 from sunset all the way into twilight. This was all shot on a canon tilt shift lens which allowed me to get a wide angle distortion free panorama. I was constantly shifting the lens left and right through the whole process. Then in editing I went through all the images to find the best shots and hand blended them all in photoshop and final touches in lightroom to produce a huge megapixel image I can print large and still retain detail.

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this is an incredibly beautiful shot of this surreal city

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Yes definitely a surreal city, thank you!

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great work Fraser!

Great shot Fraser! Is this from the Shangri La?

Wow! Just stunning!