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Feedback on first foray into editing

I'n new to digital photography and the post processing process. I don't know if i'm even close do doing it right. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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Original image

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Cool color contrast between the sky and the building's facade! I can't tell if it's the horizon being a little skewed, but I think the building is getting thinner on the right side - you can correct this with the "horizontal" slider under the Transform module in lightroom. Generally, with single-point perspectives in architectural photography, you want the building to have completely horizontal roofs and vertical walls/windows. My other nitpick would be the sky - I like the idea but from a lighting perspective, a sky that dark wouldn't produce well-lit snow on the ground and especially on the roof of the structure. I'd bring the darkness of the sky down a little or bring the brightness of the snow down so that it looks more natural.

If/when you go back to this area or if you shoot a building that's similarly laid out, try to get that perspective just right - line up the fountain with the front doors (it looks like they're in line with one another) and get that perfectly symmetrical shot of the building. Architectural photography is very much about slowing down and putting a lot of thought into the intent of the architect as far as how the master plan lays out the various structures in a public area like this.

Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for the feedback. The right site isn't skewed it's just physically smaller than the left side.but I agree I wish I had a more on front perspective the issue and ran into is that there is a very large hill behind my back that I could not scale due to the snow and ice.