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Union Station in fog, Ocala

During the week when I made this shot, we had heavy fog every night after midnight and I would drive around looking for photo opportunities. I was rewarded virtually every night with something spectacular. This one was made around 2AM.

The train station in Ocala has not been used for regular stops in many years and the building is now the home of the Magnolia Art Exchange (MAX). That entity licensed this photo for use in their advertising and as a limited-run "art shirt," signed by yours truly.

Sadly, about a year after this night, the city placed a fence around the platform to keep homeless people from sleeping there. The fence was chosen for its effectiveness, not its appearance, so it doesn't match the existing architecture in any way and seriously erodes the aesthetic of the building. I was lucky to get this before the scene was ruined.

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What a wonderful shot!

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I really like the mood of this shot. Good work.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Besides the atmosphere, I would emphasize fantastic composition and symmetry.

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This image evokes a lot of introspection. I like the symmetry in the rails and the vanishing perspective of the platform roof. Nice.