Louvre Abu Dhabi

I would like to have a professional feedback of my work, I am an amateur photographer looking forward to start a career on this amazing world.

Holy Shrine Of Hilal Ibn Ali

This monument is located in Aran o Bigdol, near Kashan in Iran.
I asked my guide if we could stop there and I've been lucky to be able to catch the place during the Friday prayer, meaning nobody around.
It is a mosque but also a famous place of commemoration of the martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war.
I was able to use my tripod so I...

edit real estate photos

Real estate photo editing services:
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Amsterdam tower swinging

The Amsterdam tower is a pretty iconic building in the Amsterdam skyline. Build as the former Shell head office on the north side. Now it has been redeveloped to a hotel/bar/restaurant/disco/viewpoint and contributed to making that part of the city more interesting to visit. The swing on top has proven to be a golden catch since there's no...

Contemporary architecture

Hi all. I've been making architectural photography for my own designs and for some friends'. I'm considering making it more seriously, as a part-time, parallel job, and upgrading my gear along the way (my Canon 500D body is definitely not ideal). In this line of photography I predominantly search for "clean" / "transparent" renderings of the...

First Urban Shots

Hi guys I'm new here. I am a beginner here. I wad wondering if I could have some feed back on these shots?
P.S All by the last one were shot with a smartphone


CC for Barber Chair - ESP

So here's my take on the Barber Chair at Eastern State Penitentiary, which many of you may be familiar with. I included a before shot for reference. ( I didn't know what group to put this in, so if there is a more appropriate one, please advise).

The main draw for me in this space is the wonderful variety of colors (blue/greys, lavender/...

Wanting to get into real estate photography?

So currently I work as a full time photographer for a company, taking photos and creating videos of luxury accommodation. I came into the job with no experience of interior or architectural photography but have grown to love it!

Im really wanting to move into doing a bit of freelance work on the side of my job, mainly starting with some...


This time, just to praise my lens at such a wonderful presentation in a counter light and with this kind of sunstar (sunburst).
What do you think?

Remember the fallen

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is located in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila, within the boundaries of the former Fort William McKinley. It can be reached most easily from the city via Epifano de los Santos Ave. (EDSA) to McKinley Road, then to McKinley Parkway inside the Bonifacio Global City. The Nichols Field Road is the...


As I roam the city of Pasay in Philippines, the facade of this hotel is quite different and attractive to a person who shoots skyscrapers. Due to its unique design, I immediately grab my camera and tried to capture its beauty. From its curves and beautiful linings, I was able to create a stunning black and white photo of the building.

At the 124 floor, Burj Khalifa sunrise session.

This is actually a pure night, there was no sign of the light from the sun. The photo itself looks like a drone photo, but the main problem was strong reflections, because I had to shot through the thick glass, which I successfully resolved with the DIY solution (my jacket with help from four hands).
I have to admit that I'm not impressed...

Newbie in Architectural Photography looking for CC.

I am asking for CC.

This is the HQ of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Blindern, Oslo, Norway. The photograph features the tower of the new green building Tallhall and the old building from late 1800's.

- Do you consider this photo an architectural photograph or more a landscape photograph?
- As this was not a...

Looking for Feedback on Lightroom Edit (New User)

Hello! I am new to Lightroom Classic CC and would love some feedback on one of my first edits. I will admit I tried to remove the power lines and got frustrated so I think I will have to go to Photoshop to do that. This was taken in Portsmouth, NH. Areas I should address?

Dubai Heart of the City

Recently had the pleasure of visiting Dubai. For the longest time I have been fascinated with the mystery and beauty of this mirage in the desert. I was excited for the challenge I would face in capturing this city through my own eyes. Many have photographed this place and I wanted to do my best in creating something of my own. During my stay I...