Product Hero Shot Practice

Hi, this is my first post here.

I've been a product retoucher for many years and recently started "focusing" more on the photography side. I'm looking to improve my photography, lighting and image editing. I photographed and edited these mock ads for this purpose.

Constructive critiques welcome of course.

Glass weave candleholder

As I'm building a portfolio for my wife's glass art, I'm learning more about lighting the curved glass (and the headaches that come with it). This piece is a weaved candleholder that is beautiful during the day, but is absolutely stunning at night when the candle is lit.

For this image, I placed the glass in a dark photo cube and placed...

Babolat Shoe

I have never done this sort of work but I wanted to try something different. It was a time intensive project and I am decently happy with my results.

Nike Shoe

I am looking for critique!

I shot this a while ago and reedited it - now I am looking for someone who is willing to tell me the truth about this photo.

If you want to critique more of my photographs - feel free to do this on my profile or also on Instagram (smatthiasc -

Thank you...

The Crystal Queen

Playing around with light on shiny things for products. Poor Queen, unlike Midas, anything she touches turns to crystal. The last of her kind. I focus stacked the images. I couldn't figure out how to truly light the center of the stand the girl is sitting in. Any ideas? Also how do you properly illuminate the objects from behind. I tried taking...

First Product Feedback Please

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate any feedback. This is my first try at shooting something like this. Watched some youtube videos on focus stacking and product photography, was really intrigued, and thought I would give it a try. I decided on this ring because it has a lot of texture, and dings from wear. I thought about smoothing out...

Sugar in the Raw

So besides shooting a lot of food photography I also shoot A LOT of knockout images for clients websites. Here is a recent shot I did for sugar in the raw. I believe it is being used both in their sell sheets to restaurants and to be used on their website. A lot of retouching but hopefully it doesn't really show.

Thoughts or tips?

I’m a high school student and interested in photography.

This was part of an assignment on aperture and shutter speed.

I want to improve and thought this could be a good way, so be please be brutally honest in what ways this could be better. Thank you.

Software to use for download pics Wifi ON NEW MAC PRO

Hi there, i am new in the group, we are shooting furniture and i need a software that i can download the pics by wifi as soon we are taking them, we are using Cannon camera, the thing is we download one App, but on the new Mac it doesn't reconize or it's not yet the software update for the new Mac Pro , and I can not exchange the laptop. Is...

Can this be used for a Car Ad

I wanted to try something different for a car pic. This one is taken by Olympus EM1mkII using art filters. I wonder if it can be used for car ads for Hyundai....The BW looks pretty dramatic I think...C&C ?
Olympus OMD EM1mkII
f/9, 1/200s, ISO 200, -0.3EV, 24mm (48mm in FF)