BMW Shot at sunset only issue is the backdrop was nowhere near as sexy as the car

Other than the background, anything to make the picture feel more dynamic and capture the aggressiveness of the car?

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I didn't know BMW's were aggressive. I will ask my next door neighbour who bought one recently.I am presuming this is a sports version. It is aggressively aimed at the fence. I like the image as it is.

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I've found that the cheat code to making any car look more aggressive is to get super low. I'm constantly rotating my screen up and almost putting my camera on the ground to get a slight upwards angle on the front end of a car. But recent BMWs added some pretty aggressive styling cues and that might not be necessary.

I like this shot a lot but I feel like the framing could be tweaked a little. I think highlighting the LED light is cool but if you shifted the frame just a little down and/or to the left it would de-emphasize the background. Of course you would have to bring up the exposure around the grill so the image wasn't so dark and then it wouldn't have the singular focus on the headlight so maybe not what you were going for.