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From Brooklyn, With Love 🗽

New to the FStoppers community.

I am a Automotive Photographer from NYC.

Here's a recent set of a Dodge Viper from a 90's car show.

Feel free to leave feedback and comment, thanks.

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i like the composition of the 2nd photo, it feels gritty and I like the flow of people in the background, it tells a story. However, the car behind the viper is distracting and you also need to expose for the sky which is completely blown out.

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I agree about the background of the second shot. Dante, sometimes you can shoot a little wider (if you have a zoom lens) and get low to completely hide a car in the background behind your subject.

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The problem with the viper is the low slung look of it. I went belly down and the citroen was still in the picture. I said, well make the best of it and here we are lol.

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Oh shit that's a Citroen CX! Rare car. I just thought it was like a Tahoe or something. Yeah that explains it haha.

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Yeah, I might post that next. It was super clean. The guy who owned it didn't even know there was a show. He's owned it since '92.

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Car shows are always a pain, its always a car or a person where ya don't need em lol. Note taken on the blown out highs. The second picture, when I took it, I said to myself, that's gonna be a desktop picture.