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R34 GTR Vspec II Nur

A good friend of mines very clean R34.

Comments and feedback are welcomed always.

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Xander Cesari's picture

I dig that first pic. I feel like it's a good candidate for some funky coloring, like a cyberpunk/neon aesthetic or something. Definitely one to create a virtual copy in Lightroom and just go crazy.

Dante Danzy's picture

It took a bit of editing to get the lights just right but it turned out pretty good if you ask me. It definitely has that cyberpunk, faded neon look to it.

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Agreed. First is awesome, I think you should bring up the shadows on the car and bring more attention to it. The super bright billboard in the back is overpowering. Id also add a bit more exposure to the bottom one. I know those taillights are classic, but a bit more context would help. Sweet pics!