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Super Sebring 2019

I went to Sebring this year, no photo pass just as a regular person. I have started going through the photos and have pulled and edited these. As this is my first race since purchasing my camera I am looking for critiques. Thanks everyone!

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The Gulf and factory Porsches are pretty good shots, nice longer exposure movement on the wheels and background with pretty sharp details on the entire car. Composition needs work on the Castrol Porsche and Jackie Chan Proto, easier said and done with media pass if you're able to get one. Experiment with all kinds compositions, framing with barriers or overpasses.... A lot of motorsports photographers will sit at the predesignated photo gaps in the fence and get the basics. I try move around as much as possible, finding different views, wide or tight from where ever I can find them. Night shooting also opens your photography up to all sorts of artistic impressions. Experiment, experiment, experiment!