So I was attending a mountain bike event at Canada Heights MX track and some geeza turned up in this pretty stunning Lotus. Hats off to you mate.

Nikon d7200 with Nikon 85mm 1.8

Audi A4

Hello to All Fstoppers as im new here this is my first post, I shoot this A4 for one of our local Car detailing shop, used light painting method here with more then 20 exposure merged together to create this final result.

Yellow rocket

A static shot of a Porsche Cayman GT4, picture is made using pixel shift technology on a Sony A7Riii and got through some post processing.

Shelby Daytona - Light Painting

This was shot at a light painting workshop with Larry Chen. Very helpful and a pleasure to shoot these cars.

I jokingly requested someone light paint a red, white, and blue flag behind this Shelby Daytona thinking it would be too hard. But when I got back my computer I decided to try combining a pass of pure blue and one of pure red. The...

80s Prelude

I've always loved the 80s and especially the revival of the music Retro Wave. I've had an urge to create this image for as long as I can remember but never had the time nor the resources to do it.

Which model?

Unfortunately, I am not expert in this area, and I don't know which this car is, even who is the manufacturer (randomly photographed in Dubai).
Can someone who is experienced based only on this photographed part know the brand of this car?

New and learning! Rocket Bunny 86

Hey guys! I am Nathaniel, a 19 year old based in Colorado springs. I just started doing some photography on my own car as a starting point to learn the settings and techniques used in shoots and in post. I could really use some constructive criticism on my photos because i want to eventually become a professional (for personal use). Thank you...

From Brooklyn, With Love 🗽

New to the FStoppers community.

I am a Automotive Photographer from NYC.

Here's a recent set of a Dodge Viper from a 90's car show.

Feel free to leave feedback and comment, thanks.

Ford Fiesta WRC, 2019 Monte-Carlo

Went to my first WRC rally on Friday and it was amazing! We managed to find a pretty much empty hairpin in SS5/8 and were able to shoot from the roadside, a couple meters away from the cars (which was relatively safe given the layout). This shot of Elfyn Evans' Fiesta was taken with a Canon 1300D at F7, 800ISO and a shutter speed of 1/80. I...

Pontiac Steamliner 1941

A guy I know bought this from the US, it was but a rusty wreck when it arrived. But with patience and love it has turned into a beauty. He wanted me to shoot it and so I did.

Raptors and Mountains

Revisited one of my older shots from the Raptor shoot and decided to composite something a little more radical into the backround... few hours in blending it all but overall pleased with the results on this one. CC welcome!

First car photo

I have been reading a lot about automotive photography and I finally decided to start taking photos instead of only reading about it.
The car is a modified Toyota Celica and I went to a car park to make the pictures. I would like to know your opinions about them and know what to improve/avoid.

Aventador SV

Another shot from my dealership tour, took a good bit of editing to get what I wanted but pleased with the results.

Focal Length: 28mm
Aperture: F/8.0
Shutter: 0.6 sec
Iso: 100