Infiniti Q50

Recently upgraded my ride and couldn't more excited to do more modifications to it! Chrome delete, rims, and a muffler delete are next. Currently stock with tints and smoked tail lights

Light Painting black for the first time.

Did this light painting on a ZL1 over the weekend. First time light painting a black car. Overall pleased with the results but def a lot to learn with black. Left the reflections on the edge of the car to show off the lines a little bit better but was having a hard time with the door picking up light. Fell like I lost a lot of detail there....

Austin Healey 100M - Car fine art

Car fine art shot using the FDL Technique (focuses diffused lighting). I'm still practicing this technique. I am surprised every time I put the exposures together. You can only imagine the outcome of the shot when you are shooting it. This keeps it really interesting.

Gulf Guntherwerks

During Goldrush Rally in 2018 this Guntherwerks Porsche stopped by the shop for the night. Considering how striking it was I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a couple photos of it. This is the first image of the set that night.

Nikon D750
Flashpoint RL600
Sigma 24-105 ART

Motorcycle light painting

I decided one cold night to try out light painting. I took this photo of my motorcycle with camera on a tripod and used my phone to connect to camera via wifi and remotely control the shutter. I do have a wired shutter release too but figured by using phone I was able to check the photos without touching the camera and risk knocking the tripod...

End of the Road

I was driving around Colorado and found this car just out in the middle of no where. Even had bullet holes in it. I don't know the story behind it but I couldn't just not take photos of it.

New member

Hi guys, my name is Ryno Fourie, I am a photographer from South Africa specializing in automotive photography. Here is a photo from the most recent set I did.. CC welcome.

2019 Volvo XC90

It's very rare that we get any kind of overcast weather in Las Vegas, I'm stuck shooting the majority of cars in harsh sunlight during work hours but I saw this opportunity and decided to hop in a loan car and go take photos.

This is out at Jean Dry Lake bed near the California border.

Shot on Nikon D3300 with 50mm f/1.8 with a...

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Composite

I'd really wanted to include a GT2 RS in my portfolio for a while and tracking one down can be somewhat difficult. Realising I had recently taken a couple of shots of one at my local Porsche dealership, I decided to set out building a composite with one of those images.

Originally shot indoors with the available light and using an Adobe...

Tech scout gone right

Scouted Downtown Los Angeles for hours looking for inspiration for a cool GTR shot. On my way home I noticed this gritty repair shop that had two flood lights near the roof. They worked perfectly for an industrial "studio" look.

I need help!

As a photographer I'm trying to find my calling I love all photography, but the more I shoot automotive the more I seem to notice how beautiful and better I feel about doing it. What would you do? If you look at my profile you can see I do it all but I'm trying to find what I'm better at and only comments and feedback will help me decide,...

Raptor and a Smoke Grenade

Nothing to fancy, just a Raptor and a few frames from a smoke grenade. 55mm at f/8, 320iso. 3 layers of smoke blending and 2 layers of polarizer and reflection correcting. Then a color grade to tie it all in. Pretty happy with how this one came out!