SN Mustang Shoot

Hey All, second time posting looking for some feedback! Natural light shoot with a SN95 convertible mustang. I had to do the shoot at early afternoon due to the clients schedule. Luckily there were some clouds to hep soften the light. Nikon D3200 with the 55-200 lens with a polarizer in the front. How could I do better? What suggestions do you...

Urban EVO

Quick shoot with my friends new EVO a few nights ago. Nothing fancy, just a few shots with the polarizer and some fill lighting.

The fender of a 44 Morgan.

Going for bokeh . This car was on display on a cruise ship. In the daytime there was absolutely no way to get a good shot, so I waited till about 3 a.m. while the whole ship was asleep (except for the security guard). However, he was kind enough to allow me to move the ropes and take as long as I wanted with the car. This is the result.

A few of my composites, feedback welcome

Hi, these are a few composite images I’ve enjoyed making recently. All of them start out with a stock image and a Diecast scale model car, the ones I’ve used are relatively cheap 1/18 or 1/24 scale (£15-£50).
I blend a few images of the car, edit the background and try to get the two to fit together. These take a while to make but I’ve...

Lightspeed in a Maserati

It is about time I shared something with the community, this image is from a recent client shoot with their Maserati Gran Tourismo Sport. I strapped my Tripod down in the backseat and used a remote trigger and a 2sec timer to take the shot. Once I was ready it was time to go and find some tunnels. This is in Brisbane Australia, so don't get...

Backseat Griller

In the middle of absolutely nothing but hills, lakes and beautiful Scotland, My friend decided to use the back space of our van as a seat for his grilling. Which i though made a really interesting and odd visual, so I quickly whipped out my camera, a little torch and decided to light paint it in the moment.

Widebody Dodge Hellcat

Some selected images from a session with a widebody Dodge Hellcat. Original plan was to go for a sunset over the lake, but the weather didn't pan out and we opted to go for a darker, moodier feel instead. These are mostly natural light, with a small bit of strobe here and there

Morning Light

I was out taking some sunrise shots and a time laps. I had just bought my Jeep and Turned to see the lighting behind it and thought it would make a nice shot for my wall.What do you think of this

A thing for the old ones

For house-hangable photos, I'm a sucker for the old, rusted out, and weathered cars and trucks. They have a special aesthetic about them that - IMHO - elevates them from being simply auto images to art. Here are a few of my favorites from around the U.S.

Dumbest Luck Shot of my Career.

Filming a promotional piece for client who runs an airport racing series. Was shooting just the car against the sunset. The plane decided to strafe the runway right as I was dialing my settings. I knew I didnt have much time to waste so I through the camera up and managed to catch this in the middle of 3 frames. Settings we're 1/250 sec, iso...

Nissan GT-R

I am new to Fstoppers and found this community group and would like to share my love for photography and the automotive world with all you fellow enthusiast. My name is Bam and I started doing Automotive Photography 2 years ago. I'm a marine corps veteran who was a part of a small department called Combat Camera. Now instead of making videos...


Hello all. This is my first black and white as well as my first night shot. I understand snap shots are frowned upon however editing advice is welcomed! Thank you for the input.