BMW i8

The sleek BMW i8 juxtaposed against gritty street graffiti.

As always, critiques are welcome and encouraged.

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Desert Mustangs

Did a shoot for my workplace showcasing the current inventory of Boss Mustangs.

Shot on a scissor lift in our car park using a Nikon D800, a Tamron 24-70mm, and with natural light.

I originally bracketed 5 exposures for each of the two polarizer turns to be safe, however, I managed to get away with just using 3 of them in total...


Stumbled upon this site looking for tips and advice on automotive photography. I recently took a loose hobby of photography and changed job fields. I spent 8 years in the telecommunications field(Sprint), and took a position at a local autogroup as their staff photographer. The pay is a little less then I'm used to but Monday thru Friday is a...

Z06 on the rooftop

Shot on A7II with kit lens.
64 ISO
f 4.5

3 shots with a polarizer blended to reduce reflections.

Basic editing and toning, also digitally lowered the car about an inch per request of the owner.

Would love some feedback!


This was lit with the godox AD200 using 5 exposures and then blended in Photoshop. Still getting used the shooting with strobes so any feedback would be much appreciated.

Hit me...

In all of the examples I have posted in this discussion I have backgrounds that I removed to post here (as I did not take the background pictures myself and I am not sure how the community feels about stockphotography for backgrounds - ps I’m new). Look for advice on these shots. What could I do better/different to help them?

Beginner Car Photography

Okay, so I'm new to photography and definitely new to automotive photography. These are the first pictures I've taken of this category and was wondering what other apertures are taking so I can see where on the line of progression I am. I'd love to see your earliest work!

McLaren 650S Lightpaint Critique

Hi, guys-- I've been a part of the community for a couple months but have not posted here yet. Here is a recently completed image of mine. CC most welcome!

14 exposures, 8-30 seconds, f/9, ISO 100
Sony a6000, Sony FE 3.5-5.6

Lamborghini Huracan - Nero Design

Okay, first post here so don't go too hard!

shot for Nero design showing there new carbon kit for the lamborghini, the car couldn't be driven anywhere so I had to shoot it in the showroom and think on my feet.

I build up a background from various stock images and made the two images you see here.