VW Club

Hello everyone,

I decided to join the group with the purpose of stepping up my automotive photography skills. there's no shortage of incredible work being done by the community and I look forward to your critique.

1970 Dodge Challenger Composite (with time lapse)

I often struggle with composites and find them hugely difficult to get the correct angles and perspectives, but I have found that shooting for the backplate (rather than finding the right backplate for your shot) proves far more successful. This also giving you more insight into how and where to light the car accurately for the environment....

Drift shots

I had the opportunity to shoot RoDrift - The National Drift Championship in Romania.
These are some of the stills I got.

Milspec Hummer H1 #002

I recently got flown down to Wichita, Kansas to shoot #002 and #003 for the startup Milspec's new vehicles. These are a couple of the images from #002 and i'd love to hear any critique or feedback anyone might have on them.

Nikon D750
Sigma 12-24 F/4/5-5/6
Sigma 35 f/1.4 ART
Sigma 24-105 f/4 ART
Vanguard 265AB...

Breathing Fire (Shockwave Jet Truck)

Hi everyone, I wasn't sure quite where to post these but thought automotive would have to fit the bill. I'm new to photography but am wanting to learn as much as I can and welcome any positive feedback.

These photos were taken at the MCAS Cherry Point Air Show. The Shockwave is always a thrill to see! When he passes, you definitely feel...

Mercedes-AMG GT R

Hello everyone!

This Mercedes in the pit lane is rather a by-catch from a vintage rallye cars event. I was waiting at the gate for the security to let me inside the race track at the next break when I saw this green mamba. The truck was grey but I desaturated the red dots in the ads. And of course I boosted clarity and saturation on the...

Ford GT Heritage Edition

Built these for a marketing boost on the featured car. I rarely get the opportunity to leave the premises with these vehicles so, depending on the purpose of the shoot, I will sometimes composite the images into more exciting locations.

The shoot itself was pretty straight-forward as I had already figured out the Adobe stock backplates...

Acura NSX

This NSX is one of my favorite local vehicles to shoot. It is absolutely immaculate and the parts that are on it really complete the car. Im sure ill get in more sessions this summer with this thing! constructive critique welcome.

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S

There's something about the versatility of a Pixelstick that I just love. For these shots I was able to use mine for both ornamentation and light painting in addition to the light strobing. Monochrome-colored cars always seem to open up so many photographic possibilities since they are able to take on color more vividly than cars that are...

My Australian (V8) Supercars images

First off, hey everyone. This is my first post and just finding my feet around the fstoppers website. Some of the images people take and share here are simply amazing! While I feel I've got a long way to go, I wanted to share images I've taken from various race events around the Australia. I don't have any accreditation so all my images have...