Time for a gear upgrade... Advice, please?

After a lot of thought, I've decided to up my photography game. I feel like one of the first things I need to do is upgrade my gear.... I'm currently shooting with a D5600 and basically kit lenses. I want to move up to a full frame, but here's the dilemma: I need to move up a piece at a time. I feel like it would be better to start collecting...

I know "it's the photographer, not the gear," but....

Wow, what a difference a gear upgrade can make! Last week I posted in this group asking for advice about upgrading from a DX to and FX, finally making the decision to focus more on lenses than body for the time being.

Long story short, my tech obsession got the best of me (and my bank account) when I found a great deal on a D810 kit + a...

D800/800e: Shadow Issue on Bottom of Pix: HELP!

Hi guys!


I have an issue with my D800e, which just happened on the day before the Grammy's. I shot two young performers (one Recording Academy member) for their promos... using my long lens (70-200, f 2.8) and started to have on the bottom or side (depending on orientation) a severe...

Ijen lake

When the clouds meets the steam of the hot lake you will see this beautiful scene.
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Over the night

Last star trails from my trip last year to Mount Bromo - Indonesia
I hope to see you guys this year where I am organizing a photography workshop to this incredible place at July.