A closeup of one of the most effective weapons in human history and one that has stood the test of time.

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Camera: Sony A7RII
Lens: Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G

Raising Monarch Butterflies

I raise Monarch Butterflies when I have the chance, and this is one of my last ones for the Summer. If you look towards the center, you can see cracks starting to emerge, as the butterfly is ready to break free from its home. This was taken minutes before emerging.

Gray Tree Frog

This little guy (or girl) jumped out of the way when I was mowing the yard. I put it in an ice cream tub while I finished mowing, then put it in the tree it was under, snapped a few shots, and let it climb up.

Zizula Hylax

A tiny butterfly I spotted during our farm walk last May 24 and was very lucky to have shot a photo despite being very skittish.

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Camera: Sony A7RII
Lens: Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G

Garden after the rain

Went out into the garden after we got a bit of rain. Used a manual flash attached to a flash bracket with a small soft box attached to it. Usually I find flower photos kind of boring but I liked how these looked (but maybe that's just because I took them!). These are both single frames but I'd like to start practicing stacking since its new to...

Closeup of a Salt Heliotrope

One of the most-beautiful wild flowers I have ever seen—a Heliotropium curassavicum, commonly called as salt heliotrope. I found this last April 23 during our farm stroll.

More info on my IG: https://www.instagram.com/reynantem/

Camera: Sony A7II
Lens: Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G


Hi, everyone!

So glad to have found this community and group. Been a huge fan of Fstoppers and didn't know a community existed until now.

Here's my first post: A robber fly fighting for its dear life after getting played around by my parents-in-law's dog last May 24.

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New to the site

Hi folks! I'm a geek with a macro lens who is really passionate about macro photography. All of my macro photos to date are single frames. I've experimented with focus stacking, but for the subjects and magnifications that I shoot (1x to 5x) I just haven't found a need for it. I'm gonna include a photo I took about 10 years ago. Here are the...

Amateur Macro with very basic "gear" Sony QX10

Hello everyone!
Well I'm not a photographer, obviously? , But I really enjoy this as a hobby, and trying to improve..
I love macro/super macro photography, and since I lack any kind of equipment for that, not even a large sensor or interchangeable lens camera! I've decided to try it with some DIY style, and here sharing some results...

Focus Stacking

Playing around some more with focus stacking. Decided to get out some old coins and a calavera to "model" for me. Pretty pleased with the results, might try backing the strobe (off camera speedlight) up a bit for a more even lighting. This was all done with a single flash and a couple of pieces of white paper for a bounce fill.

First Experiment with Focus Stacking

I'm trying out photo stacking with macro photos. This is one of my first experiments, I think the 4th attempt with this setup. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result but I'm a tad disappointed that the near face of the ring isn't as sharp as I would like. Anyone have any tips for improving?

Sony A7R3
Canon FD 135mm f...

Searching for Pollen

I would love your C&C on the shots.
Shot handheld on a Canon 650D with a 100mm F2.8 lens
Very minor edits in Lightroom to improve exposure & vibrancy.
Approx. 50% crop

Morning visit

Found this little thing on the leaf of my wife's flowers, and it quickly became a fun challenge to capture this image as it moved around the leaf. Personally, I like the contrasting line between the edge of the leaf and the flower in the background. It felt like a good composition, but would greatly appreciate your thoughts and CC.