Long Exposure of Chicago Skyline

I was at a conference in Chicago and had a free evening so I took advantage of it and took a few shots of the Chicago skyline. I was hoping for the sky to light up but it was not to be. Tried to make lemonade from a lemon sunset I was served up that evening. Would welcome your constructive critiques for improvement.

Gritty city

I don’t usually take pictures of or in cities since I tend to live and work in rural areas, but I took a snap of St. Louis from a distance and liked how it turned out. The color was not so hot but I liked the gritty haziness in monochrome. Any thoughts? I think it might need to be cropped a bit.

Big D

Since no tripods are allowed i had to improvise using the structure :( whilst there was some wind vibrations

The Courthouse

Is it okay that I darkened the foreground to eliminate distraction? Or could a better composition been achieved? Sometimes I find myself hiding unnecessary detail by darkening it, but I want to be sure I’m not overdoing it.

Challenges at specific locations.

I've been trying to broaden my horizons with my photo game. I've taken to picking random places in town, taking a single lens, and seeing what I can come up with.
This was the Salt Lake City Public Library in the early fall.
Anyone have fun challenges they like to take on like this?

Port of the Future

Burning sky over Japan's iconic Yokohama sky line.

One thing I learned about photography: Just go out and shoot. Forty minutes before I took this shot, the sky was completely clear. And then suddenly it exploded into this magnificent sunset. You will never know what nature has in its store for you so the best thing to do is to just get...


A bright summer day. Though reached close to noon, yet the camera was graced with reaonably good light. Tried processing balanced for colour and contrast.

Inviting critical observations of enhancement. Also inviting manipulative ideas as experiment. Thanks.

Cityscape with no skyscraper :)

I wanted to share this image just to show that it's possible to shoot cityscape without tall buildings on locations :)
The city is Villefranche-sur-Mer, mostly know for its bay and crowded streets in summer.