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How to actually enjoy moments while also trying to capture them?

I took this picture the other day in Santa Monica but then I realized that I actually missed that moment and forgot to enjoy it because I was looking at it through the viewfinder trying to take a good picture.

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I find that shooting video via GoPro or my phone during the shoot, helps me relive the scene differently.

Otherwise, if I'm setting out for a specific shot, I usually set-up long before the light I want, not only so I can make adjustments to my exposure / composition, but so I can people watch and enjoy the scene developing. I'm okay with missing other shots in the process, but didn't always used to have this mentality. For me, it just took time to realize that by trying to catch everything, I'd often catch nothing.

Nice shot BTW - very relaxing and very LA.

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That's interesting. I do have a GoPro, maybe I should try that.

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Cool man. A lot of it comes down to how each of us are naturally programmed. Although I consciously tell myself not to, sometimes when I arrive at a new location, I don't always remember to slow down to take it in.

You just kind of find a balance and work with it.
As you revisit the same locations and experience epic light, I think over time, you'll naturally place less pressure on yourself to shoot just on the basis that your experiences will shift what you find to be picture-worthy.

Lee and Patrick touched on this when they talked about their view of landscape photography before & after filming the Photographing the World Series and I definitely agree within my much smaller / narrower footprint.

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I see. I guess my perspective will change as I gain more experience. Sometimes it honestly feels like I'm working instead of enjoying my time at those places. Always looking for a good shot instead of just enjoying the scenery.

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I see this complaint all the time and I hate it. Not only am I enjoying "the moment," I get to enjoy it again and again. Instead of lamenting as some do about "wishing I had brought a camera," I almost always have mine and if I see something that I think other people might also enjoy, I capture it for them as well as myself.

Instead of selfishly enjoying it alone, I make sure to share it with everyone who wasn't there with me.

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I get what you're saying but sometimes I just feel like I'm working trying to get the right shot instead of enjoying it with my own eyes. Instead of watching the sunset I keep looking down at my camera.