Taking advantage of a power outage / Macouria, French Guiana

It was the second power outage in my neighborhood that month. On the first one, I scouted a few locations to shoot the milky way
On the second one, i grabbed my camera, tripod, and ran to the spot, so as to shoot before power came back.
i had to cope with passing cars as it was quite early (9 PM). I was able to get some decents...

Moody Seascape

I shot this on a stormy morning on Galiano Island, BC, Canada. The clouds were moving quite quickly. West Vancouver on the horizon. Any further post suggestions? Just did a few enhancements in Lightroom

When I'm Not Shooting Nature, This is my Backup

Personally, I love being out in nature, just me and a waterfall, or lakes, or mountains. However, when I live, there isn't much nature to be found. That being said, what Tokyo lacks in nature it more than makes up for in cityscape and night photography opportunities.

I don't really have an eye for architecture, but Tokyo provides a lot...

Hong Kong at night

Hi everyone, this is my first post in FStoppers! I recently started to dip my feets in the world of Photography.

I took these pictures in HK and it was my first time taking long exposure pictures.. hence do let me know if you have any feedback as I am definitely eager to learn.

Star Effects from Bowling Green Lighting

Hello everyone,
This is my first post to this group and my first attempt to do a night time star effect. The subject is my local bowling club and they just had new lights installed so I thought it would be a good excuse to attempt some long exposure and see if I could get a star effect. The F stop on my lens was F22 and I was shooting...

Amager Beach, Copenhagen

15 second ISO 200 exposure at f/2(I'm pretty certain?) in the middle of the night imaging aircraft departing from Copenhagen Airport nearby. Very noticable light pollution is coming from the city of Malmö on the other side of Öresund (the strait between Denmark and Sweden).

Tone curve edits in ligtroom and some minor color adjustments....

Picking out the details with long exposures

I recently took a trip up north to the Akita prefecture and Yamagata prefecture, where I drove over 200km, hiked, and photographed waterfalls for about 13 hours (combined) in one day. I woke up at 5am, took a quick shower, ate a banana, and then had to overcome my fear of driving as I left my hotel parking lot at 5:45am for the hour and a half...

Night photography in Cape Town

On my recent trip to Cape Town I went out one night to take some night shots from high up on the Lion's Head, and also one at Rhodes Memorial (here I applied some light painting)
What do you guys think? Any tips to improve? Cheers!