30+ seconds @ Mt. Rainier

Early morning hike on Comet Trails / van Trump Park trail @ Mt. Rainier. Had a great time and liked how these turned out with a longer than usual exposure time (for me). The first is directly above the more often photographed Christine Falls, the latter a bit further up. An amazing trail offering all types of photography opportunities. A...

Hawthorne Bridge (fisheye)

This is a long exposure of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland Oregon shot with a fisheye lens. The bridge was closed down for the 100 year celebration and an artist was hired to hang and light the fabric. The headlights are from a slow moving maintenance vehicle moving towards me.

Jagged Rock Seascape

Leo Carrillo off of the Pacific Coast High Way in Malibu, CA. It's my second time here so mainly explored and looked for composition. Came across this beautiful grouping of rocks. Which made for cool long exposure shot.

Good Night... Darling (Harbour)

Recent trip to Sydney, AUS. Darling Harbour. Brought my A7iii and new Tamron 28-75 lens - what a great combination for travel. When traveling for business one of my favorite things to do is leave the hotel and get some night shots.

Miami long exposure

I was recently in Miami with my wife and though I research popular areas to photograph the skyline I ended up finding this spot which I wasn’t expecting. As an experiment I took the panorama several times over the course of an hour. When I got back only one set had this gorgeous color. I guess there really is a small window of ideal light....

My First Images for Group

Hello everyone, Firstly thanks for allowing me the space and time in your busy diaries for my photos to be here. Photography has been a passion of mine along with a few others crafts. I have uploaded 2 standard photo's which we all tried. I will get a lot more adventurous as time goes alone.

Long Exposure At Night

i took up experimenting last year with long exposure photography,if you look at the photo of Tower Bridge,this was a 4 second exposure,i have done long exposures as low as 3 seconds and up to about 30 seconds :). Any way the camera i used at the time was a Nikon D3300 and Nikor 18-55mm + Tripod along with one of these shutter release gadgets,...

New To The Group

Hello all. I just started exploring the site further and want to become more active. I have included some of my more recent Long Exposure shots, would love any feedback!