New To The Group & First Post

I got to play with a 5 second exposure and a couple of lasers

Oh yeah, there was a shiny model involved as well! :)

This image was one on those images that was unplanned and spontaneous.

We were shooting another image for my 'Metallica' series and then I had this bright idea of using a couple of lasers with a long exposure...

Rainy Night, Around the Corner

Olympus OM2n, 28mm 2.8. Auotexposure at F5.6 on Portra 160. Scanner: Canon Canoscan FS4000us.

Film does interesting things to colors, especially with long exposures. The Olympus off the film metering is the best I've found for night shooting.

Gaussian blur on the sky cleans up the grain.

Oslo Sunset

Shot this yesterday about sunset, that now is at 4:10 pm. The sun is almost behind the horizon. I used a Lee Filter litte stopper to extend exposure time and a 0.9ND grad filter to even the exposure needed for the whole frame. I did some shots in a bay but moved out of it right before the sun went down and took this.
In Lightroom I have...

"Long" = ?

Apologies if this is defined elsewhere, but I was wondering if there was a definition/consensus for this group as to what is considered a "long exposure" photograph?

>2 seconds? >5 seconds? >???

1..2..3 RUN boy RUN

Sony Alpha 6000 , Sigma 30mm Art 2.8 F6.7 20s ,
This is my favorit picture , for a little story behind of this photo :
I left my camera down on the road , with the good seting set , put on timing , and than , magic .. I jump back in my car ( in the time i calculating the time when the sensor will be open ) and .. gass and run .

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Long Exposure at Dawn

Hi there, I've just joined the group and embarking on the photography journey and have recently started experimenting with long exposure - love looking at everyones ideas for inspiration. This is one of my first attempts taken at sunrise. I am working towards combining a writing and photography career and would appreciate any advice or CC,...

My 10 Favorite Long Exposure shots here on Fstoppers

Following are some of my personal fav. long exposure shots here on Fstoppers. I will be posting Night, Cityscape and other categories in different posts. Till then enjoy these :)

1. Winter's Grasp by Elia Locardi

2. Patagonian winds- Lago Pehoe by Felix Inden

3. Goðafoss by Vincent Bourrut

4. Boscastle Magic by...

Hollywood Highway CA

Hi all, New to Fstoppers and the group so here is my first real long exposure shot taken from the roof of a car park in Los Angeles.

Had to balance the camera on the wall and hope it did not move for the 25 second exposure