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My recent home studio shoot

Using some back to basics lighting (1 continuous light) and a reflector. It was great to focus on the model more than gear.

I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment, which you prefer or any feedback.


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All are nice but for me the second one looks more beautiful

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Thank you, much appreciated!

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Nice shot, but the second are more fashion
The other .. first the neck seem tricky .. and the hand for the last

But nice color shot

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Cool. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!

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What is your EXIF on these photos ?

Canon EOS 7D Mark II | 57mm F2.8 1/320 ISO640 | 2018:01:22 23:39:49 | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.4 (Windows)

EXIF Viewer. If you're on Windows and use Chrome you can install it as an extension. Hover over the image and it will display the info unless it has been stripped away which does happen sometimes.

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Thanks for posting this, I didn't know you could do that. Fantastic tip!

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Could you please tell what light you are using, I as well am changing to continuous lighting.

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Hi Timothy, I'm sure there are a lot better continuous light setups but for me I wanted to experiment with something cheap and simple so I hope this helps.

So I've tried to find some links on Amazon, the same or similar to what I used, you might find cheaper/better elsewhere (and pics attached). The bulbs buy in packs of 4 as they are cheaper. I think with a bit of hunting this was about 60 pound for the diffuser, holder and bulbs.

Bulbs Link:
Bulb holder Link:
Brolly Link:

The light-stand is custom made from parts and a large weight for counter balance so I can get the light up high and at an angle.

The benefit is it's cheap, less equipment, super easy to setup, auto-focus works at its best with continuous light.

The disadvantages is controlling the power, however, the holder does have two switches for turning two or all bulbs off (see image), so some control over power but not perfect. The brightness is not fantastic but usable, if your camera has good ISO capabilities this is not a problem I used ISO640 on a 7D mk ii (thanks @Bill Bentley).

Let me know if you need more info.
Hope this helps.

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The third one is my favorite

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pls whast is the name of this product softbox and the light

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Hey. This is a Godox. Try this link..hope it works..

Godox® 120cm / 47.2in Portable Octagon Softbox Umbrella Brolly Reflector for Speedlight