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Renaissance Self-Portrait

As I get into my busy season to work and deliver photos to clients, it sometimes feels draining. I try to take some creative "breaks" and work on personal projects in order to keep fresh. This is a self-portrait I've done exactly for that reason. I was at a costume store not long ago and fell in love with this one and thought it would be a perfect fit for my project. I finally got to do this because I'm busy and needed a break. The irony of life :)

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Wow, this portrait is absolutely amazing!!!

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Thank you so much!

Beautiful portrait.

Awesome "selfie"... hahaha! I totally understand the need for creative breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday work.

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Yup, a lot of people overlook the importance but I make it a point to take a break.

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Awesome, well done!

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This is fantastic. Would love to hear more about how you did it. Is the background a composite?

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Thanks Sennia!

The subject is a single capture, the red draping isdigitally painted, the "balcony" concrete are from a phone snapshots of stairs at Montreal' Olympic stadium. The greenery in the background is a composite of 3 different captures. Sky/clouds are a mix of photo and digital painting. Flower is a snapshot by my mobile, same for the bird. The vase is also a separate capture with my SLR.