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Liquid effect

Hello everyone . what do you think ?

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William Howell's picture

I like it, how did you do it?
I could see this being used to enhance movement.

Paulina Jowita Koltun's picture

Thank you, its liquify tool , photoshop

Luís Belo's picture

This effect looks good. I like the use of it in the first picture, where you can interpret it as a deconstruct of beauty, a critique on self-image, self-esteem, etc. The others look like a technical challenge, more than an artistic one. Both approaches have their merits, and all the pictures look aesthetically great, but when you marry both concept and technical prowess in one image - as you did in the first photo - it's awe-inspiring.

Paulina Jowita Koltun's picture

I thank you, I try to experience the style in different genres, I hope in time to better define this: D (sorry for bad english)

Joseph Anthony's picture

Very cool...liquify tool to the extreme. Some do look a bit more artistic and the other a bit more academic. But I like where you are going with this. Keep up the good work.