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Usually I have the exact storyline for my photos. With this one I had so much stories in my head, I couldn't compress it in two or three words.

I would love to hear what do you guys see in this photo?

Shot w/
Canon 5D4
Sigma 50mm. ART 1.4
Godox AD600 with beauty dish
Godox AD360 as a fill with 135cm octavos
Godox V860 with snoot as a rim light

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Pretty cool shot. Perhaps the table/background looks a bit too clean/ sterille for my liking but it's a matter of opinion. Love the model and how you lit the scene.

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Now when I'm watching this photo and time has passed, I totally agree with you. Should have put some dirt on the table or something :)

Lolu Ogunlewe's picture

Love the model and his pose. I'd brighten the bottle and picture a tad bit. Not to the same level the subject is lit. But that's just me.

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Thanks for you're opinion! Its always pleasure to hear how other sees photos :) And I might have to agree with you with that bottle thing.

Lolu Ogunlewe's picture

Of course. That's partly how we learn. Seeing things from someone else's perspective. Still an AMAZING shot!

Tyreece Gilder's picture

Super cool!