This is a waxy monkey tree frog. They are very interesting frogs as they have quite a bit of dexterity in there hands and feet, unlike any amphibian I have handled up to this point!

King Vulture

I literally couldn't believe this natural light, through dirty glass photo turned out let alone needed almost no post work! #tripod and #IS-lenses FTW!

@St.Louis Zoo

Cat in the garden

Here is my cat in the backyard.
Im trying out a new style of editing now and learing to use photoshot and not just lightroom.
I like some feedback on my progres:)

Here is the edit and the befor


I really like this but it may be too stylized. Everything is real (reflection, ..) - I just darkened the water around them because there was a boat behind them which reflected colors on the water that I didn't like.

Wondering what you think?