Cardinal Bevilaqua

Harry saw this guy first. He hangs around a lot because both my neighbors have bird feeders attached to their decks...

Minimalist Heron

Was going to post this in the minimalist group but doesn't look like there is much going on over there. Watched a few...
Last: February 22, 2021


He was in a tree next to the trail and I would have totally missed him in the summer. Getting pics in the winter is a...


Great Horned Owl on/in it's nest.
Last: February 22, 2021

House Sparrow

Hello, I am not normally an animal photography (I prefer plants and bugs), but with the winter weather we are...
Last: February 21, 2021

Need some help learning about noise (so to speak) removal

I have a photo of some wading birds in very smooth water but there is a huge swarm of insects in the background that...
Last: February 19, 2021

I'm home!

This originally was an 800x533 crop from a Nikon D300 (300 ppi) image taken from a pier at Belle Haven Marina along the...
Last: February 15, 2021

The Knysna turaco (Tauraco corythaix)

I am very happy with this shot I got of the legendary Knysna turaco aka loerie
Last: February 11, 2021

Red Tailed Hawk

Hello all, first post here! I spent a few hours chasing this beauty around a river park in Ohio (Kiwanis if anyone is...

European robin

I'm quite the noob at bird photography, was lucky enough to capture this robin... Not too sure about my post-processing...
Last: February 8, 2021

Cannibal at large

A 5.0mtr long Nile crocodile attacks a smaller Nile crocodile, in a rarely captured cannibalistic move. Sony A9i / Sony...
Last: February 7, 2021

Okavango Sushi

A large Nile crocodile lifts an equally large catfish into the air before flipping and swallowing it whole. Nile...

In the jaws of a dilemma

A large Nile crocodile raises it's head high, just before slamming the catfish onto the surface of the water to...

Smack down

A Nile crocodile smacks down a large catfish in a typical killing tactic. Sony A9i / Sony 400mm f2.8 GM +2xTC


Sanderling looking for a meal along the shoreline.
Last: January 31, 2021


Very active goldfinch I came across carrying around some nesting material.
Last: January 31, 2021

The eagle stare

This eagle stared me down when I got of out of truck to take a photo of him...

Eagle clenching onto coral

While out on the waterfront, the tide was low, and all the birds were feasting on the coral that was out of the water...
Last: January 30, 2021