Winter roe deer with a gear story

Hi! New member here. I'd like to share something with you.

About the gear:

My last Saturday didn't start very well as I broke my newly bought lens. Mind you, when I say "newly" I mean I bought it recently; the lens is old. It's a 100-300mm Cosina for Canon EF. I tried fixing it but to no avail. AF mechanism is dead. It was not...

Marine life

Hi everyone,

I'm new to fstoppers and I love shooting underwater super macrophotography. My absolute favourite subjects are sea slugs called nudibranches. Please take a look at my images and let me know what you think!

Praying Mantis

I was on a Greek Island when I came across this praying mantis and we spent quite a time eying each other up. It was as inquisitive as I was and remained reasonably still for this macro shot.