The flowers were in bloom for only a few weeks earlier this year and the bees did their part. It is sad that we don't take better care to protect these amazing creatures. They're hard to film in flight since they fly around in whatever pattern suits them.


I'm trying to improve my Macro Photography skill. Unfortunately I don't know what bug it is. If someone know, please leave a comment.

Sony A7rIII, Sony 90mm Macro, Flash

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis - thoughts?

Hey friends.

I've started raising Monarch Butterflies this year and they've given me so many macro opportunities. This is one of my favorites this year so far.

Sometimes a Monarch Caterpillar will choose to stay on their food source and create their Chrysalis there. This is perfect for me as I love to photograph them in a natural...

Gypsy moth

Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar).
Last two weeks have been really bad for me and I was not able to go out at all. Hopefully this will change now. Maybe this visitor from today will be a good omen.
2nd July 2019 @ Niepołomice, Poland
© 2019 Marcin Świostek

Osprey from the outer banks NC

This is part of a sequence I took as nesting material was gathered. The landing procedure and ospreys method of holding the leaf was quite interesting.

1/1600. F7.1. ISO 160. D500. 250mm. On nikor 200-500 5.6


I've been trying to find interesting subjects without leaving my neighborhood. Luckily there is a lake in my neighborhood! I've tried a few times to get these dragonflies to stay still long enough to take some pictures and finally got a few worth sharing. IMO.

These are all shot on an A6000 with a nikkor 135 f2.8 taken at f5.6 or f8....


I shot the grasshopper at Saturday. It was very windy and the grasshopper was very jumpy. So I appologize for the slight out of focus of the eye. ;) I hope you like it anyway.

Sony A7rIII, Sony 90mm Macro, Metz Ringflash

Crossfox - A Rare Beauty

Recently took a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National park and while hiking through the tetons we came across this awesome fox den. Having seen how incredible the mother fox looked the day before we knew we had to wait around for her to return. We set up our tripods and patiently waited for her.

Look how beautiful she is! She's...

Marine life

Hi everyone.

I like to take underwater macro photos of marine life. Please take a look at my photos and let me know what you think!