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Model: @shynar_akkalieva
Agency @ks_models_atyrau
Photographer: @mcgillivraybirniephotography
HMUA: @makeup_zhanna_atyrau

Glowing Lina

First time posting here so I would appreciate any comments and critics :)
A little info on the project:
We were aiming to tryout some gelled lighting for beauty shots with jewelry. All of the shots are 2 light setup. Key light is Magnum reflector diffused or gelled, second light is Zoom reflector gelled with sunset orange :)

Retoucher Available

Hello there :) My name's Alex, new to Fstoppers. I'm looking to expand some imaging / photo retouching / post production service to photographers in need, who may need some extra work load taken off their shoulders. I'm Adobe proficient and do the first 3 images for each client for free, to ensure their needs will be met with my skill set....


"Welcome Spring"
Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII 3xNikon SB910 Elinchrome Deep Octas 39" 27" Manfrotto Stands 37" Lastolite Gold/Silver Reflector
F4.5 1/100s Iso160 160mm Power Main Light 1/16 Kicker 1/32 Background 1/32 with custom made gel

Beauty shot with wet glow makeup

Hi guys, lately I've finished a beauty photoshoot, inspired by spring flowers and trees.
There's one closeup for exposing the makeup on the eye and two pretty similar photos.
I've chosen to underexpose one of them in order to create more dramatic look. Still not sure witch color version looks better and more absorbing to the viewer...