How I turned this day time shot into a night time bonfire scene

I was shooting a Robin Hood cosplay photo shoot recently. We had shot a few different set ups using ambient light as well as off camera flash. We were shooting at a cool medieval castle location in the middle of the day.

Near the castle was a spot where we thought we'd create a little scene where “Robin” was sharpening his weapons....


Lately I've been focussing on mental health issues in my conceptual work. It's a topic that feels ripe for inspiration, and recently a member of my family has been going through some incredibly rough times due to their mental illness. This image is an exploration of that sinking and drowning feeling that is associated with depression and...

Sin City inspired

Sin City style is something I get requested a bit from clients. I was pretty happy with the way these ones came out.

Shot on a Nikon d610 on a bluescreen.

Pinup composites

Client asked for a Mermaid picture and one with a 50s scif B movie feel.

The Mermaid pic is pretty basic. The scifi one was a bigger job utilizing a lot of 3d modelling before compositing in Photoshop.

These were shot on a bluescreen on a Nikon d610.

Special Effects

I've been practicing my special effects in photoshop. I think I'm at a point where I really like how its coming out. These are all 6 inch scale action figures against real physical dioramas or whats known as a digirama where the background is a monitor or TV of some sort displaying an image to act as the background.

What do you guys...


Compositing I did for a photographic exhibition "everything is possible", of which I am a photographer and responsible for the team of photographers. Involvable ( In the year 2014, Sor Lucía Caram proposes, from the Fundació Rosa Oriol to the Government of the Generalitat, to set up a pilot program at the level of...

We are Stardust

This is a composite of three shots: the main night sky taken in Arches NP at 3 am, the camera and tripod taken in my house some window light, and the little image of the sky placed on the back of the camera.

My portfolio

Hi everyone,
I'm Louis Janssen, photographer from The Netherlands, and joined this group yesterday. So quite recent. My main interests are model- fashion- and product photography. In the past 2 years I focussed more and more on a combination of model- and product photography and got interested in compositing and manipulation. I will post...

Healing inner wounds

I am working on a new series now which is called 'Healing inner wounds'.

The first photo is called 'Spread love' and the second is called 'Release the fear'.

Through photos I am trying to remind to myself what I want to improve about myself. I don't want to be afraid any more and I want to share love with this world.

CC is...