Blending/Composite Critique

Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to the community but I've been a fan of Fstoppers as I've grown through my photography and one of the main inspirations I've taken away from the content here has been my tentative foray into photo blended composites. That being said I don't really have a good forum to give me any pointers on the work I've made...

Just a casual dog walk

Compositing and heavy editing is not my usual style, but I came up with this concept and just wanted to have a go for a bit of fun.

We shot the main image at about 1am down a nearby tree-covered footpath with low streetlights. The balloon dog and origami birds were shot at home.

It's not perfect but it was a fun little experiment...


Here's a recent project I worked for La Casa del Waffle here in Mexico. I did all the shots withouth any food styling because I'm not used on that really, so I always do this with the real food.

I used a Fuji XT3 + Fujinon 56mm 1.2 for this.
The food was lightened with the Godox AD600BM + 110cm beauty dish from the back top at 45º...

Lightly Touching Water

A composite of my own images. The tree and cloud elements were shot at different times of the year in Tennessee. The water and reflections were created in photoshop and overlaid with an image of lake water. The moon and birds were created in photoshop.

Photomic Arc

Working with and planning this shoot with a graphic artist produced absolutley awesome results... The lighting was 6 speedlights with radio triggers 3 of which had blue gel filters to create the glow for the after effects in post... Im currious as to how any of you may have done this image differently to suit taste and or marketability...we are...

Pinup composites

Client asked for a Mermaid picture and one with a 50s scif B movie feel.

The Mermaid pic is pretty basic. The scifi one was a bigger job utilizing a lot of 3d modelling before compositing in Photoshop.

These were shot on a bluescreen on a Nikon d610.

Natural Light

I love having light in photos. I developed a light set that doesn't have any bronzy tones. If anyone is interested there is a free download link

I also made a video here on how it works: