Kitchen fire!

Hey guys, it's my first post in this group.
I've been a lead VFX artist in the game industry, working on many AAA titles for 12 years (including Splinter Cell, Army of Two, Deus Ex) ...I decided to go Pro photography last year! I'm still experimenting ;)
I incorporate sometimes visual effects in some compositions and here's one I...

"Catching the train"

From a story in 29 pictures. One of my personal favorite scenes. The girl was photographed jumping on my gear case. Everything else was photographed separately — train, mountains, buildings, station, column.

Chased by a tornado

This is one of my early composites from a story called "Tornado dream". The guys with the car have been photographed on a parking lot on a day when it has just stopped raining. The tornado on the back is hand drawn.

I was using Photoshop Elements 7 back in the days.

My personal project :Safe harbor

This image I made a year ago,

I come from a family of shipbuilders, and grown up in one of the biggest ports in the world. My father have always been drawn to the sea, and naturally my brother and I share this passion. When I was young and we went on...

Captain America

Just saw a female Captain America in the group and thought I would share my most recent composite!

Richard Johnson
Captain America

Time Slice Photographs

Hey, I've been really curious on how people are doing these time slices. I know how they would shoot them but have no idea how they processes them. Don't know how I would get the perfect and even slices across the image.

My Last Composite


It's my first post in this group.

I just wanted to hear you opinions of my last composite photo.

And if you want to see a before and after video I will post one soon!

Hope you like it.

Kind regards,

Nasser Ali