Doing the best I can with a crop sensor Rebel

Canon Rebel T3i
f 4.0
iso 3200
1/80 sec
I am on a tight budget, and only recently got the t3i for $250 on ebay. But it struggles in low light, which is just about every pic I take. I am wondering if I'd be better off with a used 5D classic, about $300 on ebay, or will that one still struggle with low light? I know I...

Face of an Angel

This photo was taken in my home town, near my home I was looking for birds, suddenly i show 4 years old child playing, and he want to play with me. He was looking through broken wall, that very moment I show him I feel that an Angel watching me, and immediately I took my Camera to capture the moment. It was really a beautiful moment I ever had...

What are you looking for when shooting artist?

First up: I love this group and all the input I get from you guys. But I also feel kinda bad for my own pictures because the stuff in here as awesome. But lets get to what I wanna ask you. I got three pictures of artist at the same festival and I saw them side by side and asked my self:
What are you guys looking for when shooting...

New to group, just saying hi

Hi. New to FS and first group I joined. I have been a musician (failed at it but love it) in Phx for a decade and now turned my focus to photography. Mainly doing promo stuff but just recently started trying to do concert photography. I am truly loving it but struggling at the same time. I have read all the "does and donts" but still can seem...

Can't Swim

I happened to get really lucky with this shot. The venue was extremely dark with little lighting. I happened to have my photo ready at the right time for the strobe light to flash on Greg, the bass player/backup vocalist. I couldn't be happier with the outcome I was able to get.


[CENTER]Ruben 1




Ruben 2


Phil from All That Remains

Took this over the fall in Hartford, CT of Phil from All That Remains while he was performing on stage with Five Finger Death Punch. Would love your feedback. Shot with a Nikon D5500 with a n 18-140 kit lens! Just upgrading my gear now... so many choices but I'm thinking a D850 with a 24-70 2.8.

Thanks for you feedback, feel free to...

Magic Touch promo

This is a project were i try to capture the moment when the musician touches the instrument to creat sound and music, this is what i all a magic momento, or in this case a Magic Touch


Tatiana Shmailyuk of Jinjer.
☆ 20.01.2019 @ Klub Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland
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Jens Kidman of Meshuggah
5 VI 2018 @ Klub Kwadrat, Kraków
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