This piece is by far my favorite photo I've taken. As I was trying to get the gorilla in frame without any reflection from the thick glass enclosure.I notice the child just looking at the gorilla smiling with amazement . So the photo before you is the end result.

Santa Barbara Zoo, CA

New to Fstoppers

I've used it for reference for years and am a big fan of the videos that the Fstoppers guys put out, I thought that this little vacation time was finally an opportunity to create my profile. I plan on being more active in the Fstoppers community.

I'm from Southern California, but here's a recent photo from a trip to London.


Recent promotional shoot

I hope this is the right group I'm posting this in.

This image is from a recent promotional photoshoot I done in collaboration with a beauty salon owner and her popular product, and of course model DautarÄ— PauliukaitÄ—.

Shot through an 85mm Canon prime lens.
It was a one light setup, Octogon softbox was used in very close...

Monks on Smoke Break

I was at a ceremony here in Thailand, with seven monks presiding. It was actually funeral service. The crematorium was out in the forest; quite a lovely setting. After the ceremony was over several of the monks went off for a smoke break. I followed, showed them my camera and smiled and got this shot, which I'm very pleased with. Hope you enjoy...

Smoke & Light

Hello all you talented people! This was my first time shooting in a couple months. After editing, I am very happy with the results! So, I thought I would share. This image was shot with natural ambient light (outside), with a gelled key light, and orange smoke for atmosphere.

Canon 6D
50mm 1.4
ISO 640...

Equestrian themed portrait in the country

" We had a fabulous day out , shooting this lovely teen and her family for an equestrian themed birthday. " We took a little trip up to North Saint Cloud, Florida. The whole family dressed in matching red,white & blue plaid.We posed the featured model with each horse, mounted and standing. She posed with both horses and also with the whole...