Sporty Themed

Just did a shoot and would like to share. CC welcome. First share too. :)

Nikon D700 + 80-200mm.
F3.5, 640ss, 200mm.
Godox ad600 on 90cm parabolic.


City shooting and decided to use this architectural pillar under a footbridge in our CBD. I decided to use my strobe in the image and not light from the front as it blew out the lights from the structure.
Model Tamika Cooke
Makeup artist Kelly Lynch
Assistant Ray Deakin

New to portrait photography, Feedback needed.

Hello everyone, I just recently was asked to do a senior portrait shoot by a co-worker. I have never worked with people before, I usually only do Wildlife and Sports photography. I dont really have the ideal gear at the moment to take great portrait photographs, but I did the best i could with what I had to work with. All CC is very much...

Help! It keeps getting further from the thing in my head.

This was an attempt at a Leibovitz-inspired "scenic portrait". I didn't have the massive setup she uses. Just one speedlight to camera right.

I've edited this photo a dozen times and I feel like it keeps getting further and further from what I had in mind. What do y'all see in reguards to coloring, composure, lighting, etc... ?

Fiance at the Lourve - Looking for critique

I'm super new to photography. Just bought a camera a few months back and I've been greatly enjoying scratching the surface of the mass of knowledge there is out there.

This was my first time going out with the intention of doing "a shoot" and not just snapping photos. I'd love all of the opinions and critiques you great people can offer...

My First Post Here. CC welcome

Here is a self portrait from the beach. It was a 4 second exposure using a 10 stop ND filter in the late afternoon. In post I removed a sign behind my back and darkened the scene to fit my mood.

A Spartan on Iceland Moss

When driving through Iceland, I suddenly found this huge green field of moss. The sky was turning colourful and I took this shot with just a rotolight added as the light was a bit flat. I choose a rather long exposure and took many shots. On some the cloak was not blurred. For more photos please check out @dr.ali_alsulaiman on Instagram

Portrait Shoot - Fairy Tale inspired

Hi Guys,
Totally new to the group, well Fstoppers in general. I just did a shoot over the weekend and was super excited and wanted to share. It was a portrait shoot, out at the Sekrit Theater here in Austin.

Let me know what you guys think.