Building a background without breaking the bank... tips?

I've read some tips from Clay Cook regarding the use of gatorboards, sadly those break my budget entirely so that's out of the question for at least another 2-3 years.

I was wondering if anyone else tried an alternative? I was looking around Home Depot online and thought, why not use what everyone else uses for their walls... Drywall!?...


Katrina Cho - Model (HMM Halvorson Model Mgmt.)

Shoot in the forest

This is my firs post here, well the first one was the introductoin to myself, but in this one I want to share some photos of one of my lastest photoshoots.
It took place in the forest with a beautiful model and a long white dress.

Hope you like it!

(sorry if my English is not perfect, I´m still studying to...

Strobes lighting recommendations

I Currently I want to buy Strobe Lighting,
I have a budget of $ 2500
I want something that I can use for some time.
And have some light modifiers and can be used in field without being connected to a wall,
Any recommendations?

Emily Valdez

We (Thrashonistas set out last night to create some personal work with model Emily Valdez that wasn't complicated. Just clean, simple, and straight forward. We were super excited with the results. More to come from this on our blog,

Photographers - Thrashonistas
Model - Emily...

Ethical Photography?

A serious question about this video [see link below]... would you consider this being ethical for advertisers to use for certain products. Such as skin, makeup, etc. products like basically saying you'll look like this if you use this or this but in reality it is not true at all, making the advertisement untruthful about the product's results....

Kids Summer Campaign

Over the weekend I shot a kids summer campaign. Here is a small preview.

Lighting details:

1 5 foot silver reflective umbrella camera left and slightly above me, some 10 feet from the models.
2 white v-flats on either side of the models for fill.

Using GOBO's In Fashion

Have any of you played around with using any GOBO's in your fashion work? Here an image I created last year where I used a potted palm tree as a GOBO. I shot a bare strobe through the plant, and filled in the shadows with a vflat from the opposing side.

I'd love to see some of your examples! :)

Shoots with Unplanned Results

Hey guys! I tried to title this one as judiciously as possible haha. Back when you guys were all new and not as great as you currently are, how did you handle shoots that didn't come out as expected? On a recent shoot I tried out something a little elaborate but it didn't come out as planned, for a variety of reasons. It was just a TFP gig...