© 2019 Gary McGillivray-Birnie
Photographer: @mcgillivraybirniephotography
Model: @ingvillmcgillivraybirnie
Styling: @ingvillmcgillivraybirnie

Hasselblad H6D-50c Lens: 80 mm
ISO: 100, Aperture: f/9, Shutter: 1/250s

Lighting: Profoto Profoto USA D2 with 5' octabox

Lady in red

Went up on top of the in Victorville, Ca that over looks the city. They are big boulders and found the brown rocks with the Red dress was perfect

Going out through the window...

In my opinion in glamour, you gotta sell the model, the look and the setting. Having to work in a small and cramped hotel room I, of course, had to get creative for my shots.

I asked the model to stand in front of the window and play with the curtain as well as use the curtain (which had a fantastic design and yellow/green color) to...