Corporate portraits, how to deal with different height?


I had my first corporate photography gig yesterday, it was quite fun because I knew the guys and it was just a group of 3 people. Everything went fine but once I got home and looked at the pictures I found that the Rembrandt triangle was quite different for every one. I didn't think of the fact that because of the different height of...

Professional Headshots in Studio

Thought I would share a few professional headshots I shot in my studio in Alexandria VA just outside Washington DC. Most of my headshot clients are men but I do get women who come in to my studio for professional headshot sessions. Here are a few of my more recent ones.

You can see more on my website:

Looking for feedback

Recent head shot session with one of my favorite models. During some experimentation I came up with a few images that I liked. Captured with a Nikon D700, a Nikon 35-70mm AFD f2.8 lens, a couple of old Vivitar 283's and a reflector. Feedback appreciated.


Head shot session with Kennedy Hall (actress). Image captured with Nikon D700, with a pair of Vivitar 285 flashes in a 3 foot octobox and a reflector. Feedback appreciated.

Model Mica - How do you like it?

Mica is a young model from Uruguay. She got a contract with a Chinese modelling agency and is due to go early December. She needed some simple shots done in studio. Here is one of my favourite ones. Comment please.

Model; Gustavo Ruben Valenzuela

Model; Gustavo Ruben Valenzuela
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/125
Aperture: F / 4.5
Iso: 100
Camera: Canon 5DmkII
Lens: 85mm

In this picture I used 2 studio lamps, of which the studio front left, with an umbrella with a silver inside and the...


I took this one with a 36" softbox and two small ones in the back of the model. It's a little bit tricky ro get the balance between the bokeh lights and the flash

New headshot series!

Hi guys here is a new portrait serie, I tried to do a mariachi themed, but in this case is kinda sad, I wanted to give him the approach that hes been a mariachi all his life and though he dreamed to be famous he never accomplished that, he still sing but instead of doing that in front of thousand people he barely managed to get smell gigs, and...

Selfie Headshot

I took this picture of myself setting up gear in my garage. Not having a model around I jumped in front of my camera. The light source was a single soft-box with a grid to camera right.

Unexpected portrait

Mariana is a model, but she is also my friend. So one day, she came to my place, we had dinner, some wine and a movie on Netf ## x, and talking about how much time had passed since the last time we did a photoshoot ... we decided to go upstairs and try some portraits. Here, two of them. I hope you guys like them.