Vignetting Yes or No?

I've noticed some very clear opinions among people in various online communities about whether you should use a vignette ever or when you should. I'm curious about what peoples ideas on it are. I personally like a heavy vignette in some circumstances and none in others. My personal opinion is it depends on the subject of the image.

Woody Point Jetty

This was my first attempt at long exposure night shots that I was happy with. I was specifically working on getting the smoothing of the water right and played with several exposure times. I haven't done any real post production on this except to make a few adjustments to the colour. The browns in the image are all natural as it was an overcast...

The way of the west

The beginning of a ten mile hike with my wife and another couple we are dear friends with. As I was just about to start I noticed the billowing clouds over the human figure on the ridge on the right known as the "Priest" and the rocks to his left are the nuns. The lone rock on the left is known as castle rock. This image doesn't give the viewer...

Looking for feedback

Hi all,

since I can't get any engagement just posting to my page, I'd really appreciate any thoughts on my newest image here.

I've been struggling with color a bit in my work, so I really tried to get that nailed down this time.
When shooting, I thought I would do something in post (cloning, liquify or whatever) to lower the...

Easter Island sunset.

This is a picture from the most beautiful sunset I've seen during a week in Easter Island, which is saying a lot.

I've wanted to capture the sheer size of the cloud formation by including the fishing boat in the composition.

This is a panorama of sixteen pictures, taken with a Canon 7DII and a 24-70 at f/4, 39mm, ISO 100.

Eerie Colors at Mono Lake

I took a quick trip up to Yosemite as a final outing before I move out of California. I didn’t do much planning, and as a result, I went on days where the skies were clear and void of texture. To my surprise, the colors presented at lake mono were the best conditions I could have asked for!

Are the greens too much?

Edit: changed the crop and toned down the sky a bit. Thank you everyone for the feedback.

Shot with a Tamron 24-70 while scouting locations for other shots. I used a overlay gradient on the sky to try replicate an ND filter and then isolated the greens and yellows to adjust with a curves adjustment layer. I thought some of the greens...

Misty Mountains

This photo was taken in the Dolomites. As the sun was setting magnificent mammatus clouds formed. It was difficult to capture the sheer scale of the clouds but I made my best attempt. In addition, mist began clinging to the tops of the trees really adding to the spectacular landscape! The other photo was taken during sunrise at a separate...

First Light

A morning like not other and I nearly missed. I looked out the window before sunrise and saw...nothing, very cloudy so back to bed. But the problem was I was up so what to do. A trip to our local mountains and I witness a moody, stunning sky erupting...first light.

Photography journey....

I had an idea to share what could presumably be a horrible idea.
Most of us work extremely hard to gain knowledge and experience in most things we set out to do. For the past 10 months this new hobby of mine has made me go crazy learning everything i possibly can from landscape photography. it's also encouraged me to look at and try other...

Dazzling light

It was a day when strong winds and weak winds were alternately caught. There was a cloud as if someone had scattered in the sky. And the light of the sun colors it. The boulder's silhouette was very impressive.

Considering the Canon 400mm f/2.8 L IS Version 1?

If you have any wildlife photos using the Canon 400mm f/2.8 L IS Version 1 can you comment them here. I'm considering this lens as my next upgrade to be used in conjuction with my Tamron 150-600mm G2, and I'd love to see what photos you've manage to get using this lens!

Thoughts on This Style? - Evening in Manhattan

The New York City skyline as seen from Old Pier 1 in Brooklyn. The pink hues come from the glowing orange sky augmented by a warming graduated ND filter and the glassy water is of course due to a 10 stop ND. Haven't done too many cityscapes so finding the right compositions to display the environment but also exaggerate the features and details...

Seastack sensations

Not very optimistic about the weather forecast that morning i still managed to get out of bed and drove to this magnificent beach. Blue hour still didn't look very promising, but then the sky opened up and magic happened. What a moment!
I used a circular polariser and ND Grad for this shot, but still needed another bracketed shot...