Hi everybody,

I was a day on a beautiful island in the North Sea and came home with these pictures. The weather changed every ten minutes. On the top of a hill I was exposed to storm and rain and a little later the warm sun dried my clothes.
Perhaps you have the time to comment on the pictures and help me to improve.


French and Italian Alps trip

Hi guys,
I've been in the Alps (French and Italian side) for three weeks in September/October and came back with a few shots that I like. I just wanted to see which ones people react strongly to, and which ones you think may be portfolio-worthy. Because I have my favorites, but as experience from my portfolio tells me, it's not often the...

October Tango

When I went shooting the other day, I shot and posted a few panoramas. There are more, but I wasn't really satisfied with any of them. These five are more what this project has been about. The tire is about five feet high in the tree in picture #2 and illustrates how high the water can get when it floods. The stainless steel mixing bowl in...

Long Exposure, Low Light

The first two images here were were taken at approximately 5pm (first one) and 6pm (second one) in December. The third was at about 7pm in October. There was almost no light to the naked eye. I like trying these at the end of a day out as you can get some surprising color.

I'd love to see others add their "almost night" shots to the...

Toorongo River (novice photographer, opinions and advice please)

Needed to get out of the city so googled waterfalls near melbourne and picked one at random. After a 2.5 hr drive i was pleased to find the Toorongo River Sanctuary was full of lush green ferns and mountain gums, the first pic is of the taken in the Toorongo river just below Amphitheater Falls, this is not edited at all and is straight out of...

Famous Whitsunday Islands (Every opinion welcome! :) )

During my flight over the whitsundays, I encountered a bay of Hook Island.
This bay with its lush green surroundings and the beautiful clear water appeared as the perfect picturesque scene. The few sailing boats waiting inside the bay for better wind is just a little extra which I like a lot.
This image is only very little edited....

How far is too far?

On a recent FS challenge video, Patrick Hall stated that he felt it was okay to replace the sky and add some birds to an image because "none of this is real anyway," referring to the fact that what we capture with our cameras is not what we actually see with our eyes. In reality, we don't see a four-minute exposure, nor a thousandth of a second...

Plants (photo series)

These images are part o what will be my first photo series of work. I'm still in the development stages and would greatly appreciate any outside feedback that my help me to better adjust what I have done thus far.

Thanks to anyone willing to lend their advise.