Thirsty Bison

Woke up early to try and get to Grand Prismatic before the crowds. I guess this big fella had the same idea. He snuck up on me and made eye contact from about 10 yards away. I was totally convinced he was going to charge but fortunately he let me be and went on his way.

Sunrise with the Sunflowers

I felt like I was waking up with the sunflowers when I captured this. I arrived just before sunrise and the all of the flowers were droopy and hanging down. As soon as the sun came up you could almost feel all of the flowers start to "wake up" and open up for the sun.

As good as it gets(U.K)

Well, about as good as the milkyway gets for me in the Peak District, U.K. No moon, clear skies and darkest area I can find that is close ish by. After Tenerife the milkyway is just not the same. I do love it though and neeed my astro fix now and again. Lets have a look at your milkyway shots, bet there awesome in the states. Constructive...

Beauty of Ella Gap, Sri Lanka

Beauty of Ella Gap, Sri Lanka. Ella is a small town in the Badulla District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka, 200 kilometres east of Colombo and is situated at an elevation of 1,041 metres above sea level.Ella is surrounded by hills covered with cloud forests and tea plantations. The town has a cooler climate than surrounding lowlands, due to its...

To tripod or not to tripod

For me, it’s quite liberating taking a camera off a tripod upon photographing a composed shot. Photos taken immediately after are my favorite. What mental process takes over? Curious. What do you enjoy the most? Landscape photography on a tripod or without?

Urban Moose

Living in Anchorage, moose photo ops are not uncommon. I am not sure about my post-processing on these. Suggestions welcome.

Feed-back wanted

This is a long exposure photo I took a few weeks ago. It it taken just before the last light go, I like this time of day since the colors get really saturated (naturally). Happy to hear your critique!

Moody Sunset Critique

Hello! I'm new to fstoppers and a new photographer. Hoping to get some feedback on what I could do differently for shooting and post processing. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but I'm sure there are many improvements that could be made. Thanks for any advice!

One Tree to rule them all

This is my post on an F-Stoppers group so appreciate any feedback.
Located on a dairy farm this small tree overlooks the glorious Glasshouse Mountains Of Australia.
It was planted by the the grandfather of the farms owner about 80 years ago and has become a tourist attraction. Entry to the property for weddings etc and photo shoots...

Fairytale moment

This photo was taken 3.30 am at a small pond in a forest in Sweden. The sun was on its way up but the fog was still thick in the landscape. A very strong experience to stand in the calm nature with only bird sound and nothing else...

I would really appreciate feed-back on the photo, both technical and artistic.


Sunset at the Lake

I messed around with the boulders at the edge of Inks Lake in Texas and this long exposure was my favorite with the sun streaking across the water to the boulders. Otherwise, the sunset was a dud. Any feedback?

Good Morning

Picturing Lightening/Storms - Help!

Hi all,

New to the site, to the group! Not so new to photography, but, I am new to low light nature shots!

I'm in Italy, it's the Summer, so we get some amazing storms roll across the sky - some of my photos of them turn out great (like the first image - imo of course).

However, good low light photography, particularly of...