Back country Cambodia...

Not sure about you, but I don't really like doing the easy touristy things in a new country.

I'd rather pack a light bag and hang where the locals hang, eat with the locals, and travel like the locals.

In this shot, I was indeed travelling with the locals, on a trade vessel heading from Siem Reap to Battambang, along the flooded (...

Rhythm of Wind

an unfamous waterfall in Yogyakartha, Indonesia captured after travelling more than 150km from a scooter. Sony A7RIII + Sony 12-24mm F4

Sunset at Punta de Teno

I took this photo at Punta de Teno during my last trip to Tenerife, Spain. This place is really stunning and I was trying to catch and show it from little different perspective rather the one all turists see it. I do believe you can watch one of the most stunning sunsets in the worlds.

I would appreciate your votes and comments on this...

Great Plain

The Hortobágy has an intemperate weather. This is especially true for the temperature and for the rain. In spring and autumn it’s like impenetrable sea of mud, but in the summer it becomes almost as dry as a desert.

Is there too much going on here?

Do you think that this type of scene could benefit from a simpler composition? I was a bit tight on time so I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but I can get back here fairly easily so I'd love some thoughts on what to try next time.

Stormy Weather over Manhattan

I was able to capture the storm clouds as they rolled over Manhattan yesterday from my office. I did three bracketed shots and merged them together in Lightroom. Looking for some feedback. I am happy with the results but feel there is always something I may be missing that can make the shot even better. Let me know.



Astrophotography Post Processing

I am getting into night and star photography, and I want to improve my post-processing skills. Photos 1, 2, and 3 are my favorite exposures I took of this composition as the light was changing (they are each straight out of the camera), and photo 4 is my edited photo of the scene. Given the exposures I have, how would others have processed the...

Ice Cave - Blown out

I found a very cool ice cave in BC a couple days ago. I'm snaking my way up to Alaska for the summer and can never resist a glacier. I spent a couple hours exploring in the cave and came away with a few decent snaps. I've been playing around with blowing out the entrances to the caves since it's more realistic to the way it looks in the dark....

Feedback on drone landscape photo

Hi everyone,

I have joined this group in the hope of improving my composition and editing of photos taken with my DJI Mavic unless there's a better group here for that kind of critique.

This photo was taken at golden/blue hour the other night of a popular rock-climbing mountain in Australia called Mt Arapiles. I left the long...

Tree in the Cornfield at Sunset

I was heading out for dinner the other night and noticed these pretty cool layered clouds. There was a dark lower layer and a bright upper layer of a very similar type of clouds. This tree is right near my house so I have shot it often and keep coming back when I see something interesting in the sky or with the weather. Does anyone else have...

Man Walking Beach

It was a normal day,

Until the wind set in and everything changed so i asked my friend to walk upfront and this is the image i got i kinda like it but wanne hear some inside info from you guy's

Kind regards Yoshi

Hiking trough the rocks

i made a 4 pictures focus stacking to have a huge depth of field and i included two hikers on the top left which i dont noticed on other pics. always better with some human activities!

The light was just perfect that morning

It was done done in the south of france near St Cyr sur Mer

What are your comments on this one?