Mount Agung Volcano

Bali, Indonesia. I’m not an early morning person but it was worth the 4am rise to travel here in time for sunrise. These rice fields were bathed in a lovely golden light set against early morning mist and stunning Mount Agung Volcano.

An Oklahoma sunset

I wanted to capture the essence of the sunset on a typical Oklahoma day., But as a composite photo, which i just missed the contest on....

The Devil's Pulpit

Few days in since i started looking forward to achieve my goal to create beautiful Landscapes Photo.

This is my second attempt. Any opinion is much appreciated as it helps make better photos and guide my steps closer to my goal.

Presenting 'Snow Pines'

A bit of departure from my normal work. This is an image I took a while back and love the strong bold blacks set against the canvas of fresh snow.

As the community is diverse I'd be interested to hear what others think (all comments whether good or bad accepted as gifts), especially what you may like or hate in the image.

For all/...

Bracklinn Falls

Walking trough Loch Lomond national park in Scotland can be really amazing.One of my favorite spots is the Bracklinn Falls, can’t stop listening to the flow of the water.
New to landscape photography, I’m new to photography in general and I’m amazed by all the work put trough from all of you in this community so I dare to post for the 1st...

"The Weeping Eye"

Somewhere along the West Coast of Vancouver Island lies this massive sea cave with a waterfall that drops into it. It's a bit of a tricky shot to get as the only time you can access this cave is during the lowest tide of the month. You also need to carry either a ladder or set of ropes through the forest to get down the cliff. The green marks...

Post Production and Crop advice please

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some feedback on the editing and crop of this image. Any other comments are of course welcome too.

I was in a bit of a rush taking this photo, so I didn't quite have enough time to get the crop/composition spot on on location (The black outline is the crop I'm leaning towards). I'm still prettty happy...

Holly Smoke

I can’t help thinking that Northern lights are made of some kind of magic. It was like green smokes. I am glad I could get the shutter speed fast enough to capture the curtains and the different colors in the shapes.
35mm - f/4 - 2,0s. - ISO 1250

Horses at sunset

I saw these horses while driving home yesterday evening, so decided to stop and take some photos.

- at Kei Mouth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Amazon selling Z6/Z7 with FREE FTZ adapter

Amazon is offering the Nikon FTZ adapter for FREE for the Z 6 ( and Z 7 ( when buying with the camera itself... So in case you thought of going mirrorless but didn't want because of your existing lenses - I guess it's an easier decision now.

Disclaimer - I don't work for Amazon or Nikon......

somewhere in Georgia on the way to Armenia

Hey guys! Took this shot while traveling in the country of Georgia. I loved the way clouds were interacting with the snowy mountain top and the autumn looking foliage in the foreground ( which was really weird to see considering that just 1-hour drive away summer has already kicked in and everything looked so green. And no, there wasn't much...

Giveaway challenge

I'm giving these three correctly exposed LE RAW files from Bled lake (of course in Jpeg format in full resolution) for everyone who accept the challenge and make your final photo (without ugly instant software HDR solutions) with basic blending this three exposures without clipping on white or black side, and normally post it here.
I hope...

Santorini sunset light

I took this picture in Santorini, Greece. I loved the light that day and when I say the church on the island, I realized that I should use it for scale, while also using the island in the distance to balance the image.

Feedback welcome.

The Melt is on at Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake was formed by the creation of a hydro-electric dam. It is a fantastic recreational hiking area. For whatever reason they didn't log the area first, leaving rotting trees poking out of the water at the south end.

I am open to all critique. I know this is the best way to improve.

Three chimneys

Three Cime or Drei Zinnen - Dolomites, Italy.
After this photo, I'm clear why and how names are given to some of the mountains. It seems to me that associativity here is very clearly highlighted.
Do you also see the smoke from this factory as I called this picture?

Always bring a camera

In landscape photography there is a lot of focus on gear. You have to bring a tripod, ND filters, grading filters, full format camera and so on.
My experience is simple. You have to bring a camera!
Many of my pictures is taken on the go, because landscape photography is about being at the right spot at the right time. This is not...