pearls of wisdom

pearls of wisdom ...its what i need to get better at macro please let me know your thoughts love it, hate it, ok with it, despise it whatever you think or can educate me on would be helpful

A Voyage to Surreal

It's a real privilige to live in Aegean seaside of Anatolia. We have one of the most amazing sunsets by the time of this season. Then I decided to capture it. I grabbed my Nikon D750 and great Sigma 24-35 f/2 lens and placed them near by the sea. After a couple of long exposure and focus stacking process I made some color grading in Lightroom....

Three alpine shots

Hi fstoppers,

just finished processing the photos of my last outing. Got to shoot a location off my bucket-list and revisited an oldie but goodie. What do you think?
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

What about shooting from a moving car?

The marvellous digital age we live in means that we no longer have to consider cost of film and can shoot to our hearts content really.I would never or rarely considered shooting out of a moving car window in the past but I do now and it is amazing the shots you can capture. I do this consistently on country trips as my wife likes to drive.Any...

Kids love doing this.

In Australia's Rivers and Creeks we have about 4 species of freshwater crayfish. The most popular and very tasty are yabbies. When the yabbies "run", which is usually close to Christmas day when the weather is hot, many a child has had hours of fun trying to catch them with a piece of meat on a stick and a dab net.They can also be caught in...

Sunset After the Storm

Crazy winds and rain a couple days ago in Buffalo. I got this shot shortly after the rains passed. It was a battle getting to this spot in time against the wind and rains.

Beginnings in Landscape and Nature Photography

Photography once you get hooked becomes a lifetime experience. Here are some shots representing when I was back taking slides(which were cheaper than prints then). These were the building blocks on which I learnt my trade.Perfecting your art on cameras like this one gives you such a good grounding. I would recommend new photographers shoot some...

From Grasmere to Portsmouth

Would appreciate some feedback on these 2 images, just can't make my mind up whether or not they're any good.

First one was shot in the Lake District - this is Lake Grasmere. It was the start of the 2018 drought in Europe and I could wade right in and shoot from within the lake.

Second one is from Portsmouth Harbour. I went there...

Guardians of the Valley

Hi All,

First time posting here. Looks like a great community! Here's one from a recent fall day at Mt. Rainier National Park.

Fall day at Mount Rainier. I wanted to give the impression of the trees (and secondarily the mountains and clouds) guarding the valley, and chose to use the 70-200 with shallow DoF to get some compression...

Do you use a light meter?

When I did weddings one of my favourite bits of kit was my incident handheld light meter.Here is a a link to a short video I started to make once on how to use them.I will get back to it later.

Pictured are my two treasured Pentax Medium Format Cameras. The 645 has a built in...

"10 minutes from home"

There's a "rule" that I've heard over and over again - find a spot within 10 minutes walk from your home and shoot it every time you can. As a landscape photographer living in one of Polish cities I thought that would be impossible for me, to practice my craft in this kind of environment. Imagine my surprise, when I was presented with that view...

rainy days and sundays?

got out at 4:30 a.m. to explore a park about 30 min away. thank you google maps!!! great location love the views. this is what i came up with nothing spectacular but just let me know what to improve... as usual no holds barred critique! this is an unedited straight from camera shot hope to get to it tonight and post again.

And the second...

Shot from Brecon Beacons

Hey guys,

Back in the day I was a concert photgrapher and now work full time as a video editor and vfx artist. Been wanting to get back into stills for a while, now im 24 and think it is the right time. Went for a very quick drive up to the Brecon Beacons and took some shots, any CC appreciated! Shot on a7si with a Samyang 24mm cine-...

Don't fall in the water! Crocodiles.

In Northern Australia we have two types of crocodiles. Johnson's Freshwater Crocodile. Does not generally attack people.The Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile that grows very large and can be found in Northern Ocean Waters and also many miles inland in freshwater rivers. These are dangerous and have accounted for many deaths over the years.At the...