Masters, feel free to jump in for feedback...

Hello, we are Nestoras and Athanasia, new to this community, and relatively new to photography. Mostly our desire to travel and explore and our early adoption of drone fever, led us to hunt and shoot landscapes.

In this particular photo from Mesolongi, Greece, a fellow suggested in a comment to throw it into the group in order to pull...

spring house

i drive past this little structure almost every day we have a ton of them around but they all exist on private property this one is close to the street so no need to ask permission, I've just wanted to shoot this for some time so i finally did i think ill like it better in the snow or a starry night...

btw...with fog or without these...

Patience or luck?

Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm at dawn - Dolomites, Italy.
One of my favorite photo spots.
Four dawns in a row I waited for the right conditions, until finally I got them. The first two days, no fog, no cloud. On the third day there was hint of fog, but no clouds. Luck is beautiful only when you waiting for it.

Feedback on "Sunrise in the Valley"

This is an image I captured some time ago, but am just not able to get what I want from it. The image was taken as sunrise cast a wonderful glow above the morning fog and highlighted the peak of the mountain beyond.

I'd love to hear thoughts on this, what you like, don't like and what you feel could be done to make this image stronger.

composite fail?

just goofing off tonight with various things just want to see if this was a decent attempt or worthy only for the trash bin

moon and photoshop

so i like every other photographer in this half of the globe took the shot last night and then i added a lens flare ....too 80's of me? hahaha

Super Blood Moon 2019

My very first try at capturing a super blood moon! I even captured a few stars!! There is always room for improvement but for my first time out I LOVE IT!

Moon Shots

Well, here is my contribution to last night's moon.

It was cloudy here during the eclipse itself hence only one shot of it which was just a test (in fact it was to try and figure out where the moon actually was since it was no brighter than a star to the eye with all the cloud). Before that however I had a fun time with the full moon. It...

Stormy Weather

This is a little closer to traditional landscapes than I have been doing lately. But not too close. They were shot last August from a moving car through the passenger side window with a Nikon S9500 compact digital camera. These are located along Route 30 (Lincoln Highway) in south-central Pennsylvania.

Post processing feedback welcomed

Hey guys!

Here's a shot I've taken in a rather unwelcoming light conditions, but I really like the scene with the single tree in the surprisingly green grass for a late autumn season.

I'm always unsure if I overdo my landscape images with post-processing, so I'll be happy to hear your thoughts on the results. My intentions while...

Honey bee on a lupin

Hi all,

I'd like to get your comments on this shot of a honey bee enjoying a lupin. I am not at all a "macro photographer", but those colors really got me. Shot this using a lot of patience, and a macro filter on a regular 18-200 lens a while back, near my home.


Surviving Yellowstone

Our yearly winter trip to Yellowstone found us in huge snow storms and at times complete white outs. It was incredible to see the wildlife preparing to wait it out. The American Bison is my favorite animal of Yellowstone.

Flowing Emerald

Red Lodge, MT ~ Each year a beautiful phenomenon happens where the elements transform Rock Creek into a magical flow of color! Christmas Day 2017 when we hit subzero temperatures of -18*F the process of 'Ice Gorging' or "Anchor Ice" began to form. Requires a very sudden cold snap to create this effect. Ice is formed from the bottom up in the...