February Tango

One of the attractions of a 500 mm lens is the ability to pick out a detail from a distance. The first is a feeder on a neighbor's deck. The second is behind my other neighbor's house, separating his yard from the Tango. Finally, all roads lead to a soccer ball.

Pele's Well

There had been a storm most of the day on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. An hour before sunset I saw a clearing on the horizon line. I decided to go out and shoot, and to my luck it was great sunset. I've only been on the island for a year so this was my first time at this spot.

Bracketed Exposure and blended in Photoshop....

Seascape with Cloud Question

It was raining on Saturday morning. A brief window opened up early in the morning so I ran down to the the beach hoping to catch just this - rain in the distance with some open sky. There were a lot of "God rays" so i thought I'd try a composition like Chris has posted (minimal water - mostly sky). Of course, I forgot his advise about tipping...


This was a difficult location. The plunge pool is right on a sidewalk which is right on a road. It is difficult to get the depth that would work for this image. The falls are beautiful but it's almost impossible to capture the entire scene. Please feel free to critique. I'm sure there is something I'm missing.

Too dark?

So.... this little green heron was far away and under cover. This is highly cropped and would only be good for our teaching website or even a brochure. The trouble I have is that he is small, I cant crop any further and the surroundings are busy (see photo 2).

Knowing this, I shadowed out most of the detail around him. Too much? For...

Happy Bird day.

Before the Osprey decided it was lunch time a Heron made a flyby. Took these while I was waiting for my wife at the local library. There's a little tiny lake that is home to ducks, herons, cormorants and turtles and such. Add Osprey to the list. It circled once and dove in the water like a dive bomber.

When the Water Goes Down

The Reservoir is something we needed to support growth but it doesn't make the habitat loss any easier to swallow. Normally, much of the old land in under water so you don't see the destruction. But, when the water goes down, the story can't be avoided.

Feedback Welcome

Apple blossom addiction

Hey folks!

It's usually not my type of photography but this bee sitting in perfect light on the apple blossom and collecting pollen struck my eye. I guess "snapshot" would fit the description on this one pretty well, however it seems like a proper one to me.
Thought I'd share it, maybe I've missed something, would appreciate some c...

Follow me

No, the title is not an invitation to follow me on social media... instead, it describes the part of the story behind this photo. I arrived early at Bow Lake and there was nobody there shooting, which is rare given that this is one of the most famous locations in the Canadian Rockies. After spending some time scouting the area, two...

Early Morning Start

Would love help on low light photos. I have uploaded this with little editing so you can see the amount of color noise; hand held, ISO 250, f/25, 1/250s. The photo is underexposed, but the histogram is not that bad. Please advise as to proper settings in these situations, hand held. Ultimately, I would like the photo to be more portrait,...