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Winter is coming...Or so I thought!

Who would have thought that the last day of autumn Would have given such a colorful sunrise. I traveled to Torr Head expecting dull and overcast sky's but I was treated to this amazing scene. The only problem I faced was choosing which composition to use as no matter where I stood the view was truly epic.

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Hi Chris

You're right, such a sky is a photographer's dream ! The colors on the house are stunning.
You should correct the horizon line though. And may be a wider focal length could include more of the sunrise over the sea.
Great shot anyway.

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Thanks Yannic. I too thought that the horizon was slanted and I went to correct it bot it is already straight to my surprise. I think the angle and shape of the mountains trick us into thinking the horizon is not straight. That was as wide as my lens will allow. I am saving for a 10-24mm Thanks for commenting

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The best sunrises and sunsets come when you're 95% sure it's just going to be overcast, but then it opens up at just the right time. Most people though, and I'm definitely guilty of this sometimes, don't leave the house when there's less than a 50% chance. Good on you for heading out there anyways and getting rewarded.

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I used to stay in all the time when It was overcast, but like you said "The best sunrises and sunsets come when you're 95% sure it's just going to be overcast" I have learned just to get up and go as you never know.