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I almost threw this out.

I spotted this composition a while back, and have waited for a good weather forecast to make a golden sunset shot. It didn't happen that way, but i was treated to a brief, yet beautiful break in the clouds.

I skimmed over this shot multiple times, as the Raw image just didnt do anything for me. Not to let an opportunity to practise float on by, i sat down and decided to give it a go in light room. Im glad i did.

Seems to be a popular photo amongst the local photographers i talk to, what do you guys think?
is there anything you would change?

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I think it's a stunning photo! Well done :)

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Thank you Jurre :)

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I very much appreciate the kind words Michael

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It's really nice and eye-catching work, Lee. I like how the light beam highlights the trees and cereals. I would emphasize this even further by lowering contrast in the sky on the left and softening highlights. I would also make the light beam very bright almost overexposed and add some bright spots on the trees by doding&burnig that will make an impression that these trees are catching the light. Anyway, great work!

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I wish i had taken a bit more time in PP now, i think with your feedback it would indeed be a more striking image. Im still very new so i dont know what dodge and burn does really, i tried to read up on it but it confused me if im been honest, think i just need a bit more experience within the Adobe programs :). thank you for the feedback :)

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You say "cereals", I say whiskey!
The picture is indeed exceptional.

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Really nice! Since you're asking if there's anything you would change, the transition between cool and warm tones in the sky seems unnaturally abrupt. But if that's the phenomenon that was presented to you, my mistake.

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I can relate to that, im still in a phase where im trying to find my feet between PP and natural. I feel with a bit more feedback and experience ill get there soon. Thank you for the feedback :)

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I think it's great!

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Thank you Alex :)

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I'd love the see the photo before editing, amazing composition, lighting and overall photograph. The only issue I have is that it may be too dark round the edges, sort of a vignette. I only call that a concern as it is a natural picture and I feel like it should be kept that way. Easily a 4, potentially a 5 depending what it came up against.

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This was the next shot along, so gives a accurate picture of the original shot. I need to organise my files better. The original was pretty dark, and i tried to strike a balance between obviously edited and natural.. why i think i held back on the PP a little. Thank you for the feedback though :)

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I took the liberty to see what your shot would look like in black and white.I hope you don't mind. I like what it looks like now.

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No mate, i dont mind at all...Thats looks amazing. It never occurred to me to try it in black and white lol. Cracking edit :)

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Glad you like it. When I first started photography I couldn't "see" in black and white. Now I can through experience but I love going through my extensive archives looking at shots and visualising them in black and white and then doing a simple conversion.Usually about 2 keystrokes.. It is a very rewarding exercise. Cheers.

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Yeah, i think you need experience to pull black and white off. I see alot of images that lack the subtle tones a true black and white image has.. just my thoughts though :)

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The image is lovely! It has a crushed blacks look that i'm not fond of but overall a lovely image. I do have a question. How the hell did you get 16 comments prior to mine? That seems like a record of some sort. The norm is 0-2.

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I think half of them are just me replying lol. What do you mean by crushed blacks? Im still learning all the terminology

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Well done! I really like the composition. I am a complete amateur, but I will give my impression. I feel I bit unbalanced by the picture because my eye wants to go to the really dark upper left portion. Don't know why. So I would probably try to lighten it up a bit.