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Feed-back wanted

This is a long exposure photo I took a few weeks ago. It it taken just before the last light go, I like this time of day since the colors get really saturated (naturally). Happy to hear your critique!

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I think it looks great. The only thing I would try is to darken the mid tones in the water. It looks greyish on my screen. Reducing the mids may bring out more of the colour

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Thanks a lot for your comment and suggestion! I will give your advice a go. Thanks again!

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It's a nice photo but I think the long exposure gives it an un- natural look. The water seems to be lacking any "character" if there is such a thing.It looks more like fog in a valley.This is a case where you have correct exposure but as Bryan Petersen teaches is it correct creative exposure?

It really is in the eye of the beholder in this example I think.

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Thanks a lot for you comment Geoff. I will for sure a have look at the clip you send. Thanks a lot for giving constructive critisism!

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Really calm image, like it!

Personally, i really like the water! Makes the photo very serene and peaceful and i like that :) If it was my photo, i'd brighten the rocks and water a little bit more, but that's all. Nice photo! :)

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Thanks Diogo! I will try your suggestion as well! It is really useful to hear other peoples suggestions and thoughts. Big thanks!

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I pretty much agree with the previous comments. I do think people, including me, get so enamored with long exposure that we don't try something more intermediate. Thus we'd see streaks as the water ebbs and flows, adding more interest but still long enough to give it a surreal quality. I thinks with waterfalls extra-long exposure works because it's a continuous flow. With waves, maybe shorter. I do agree with bringing up the shadows in the rocks but really wonder what it would have looked like exposed half as long or less.

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Thanks Paul! I agree with you that images of water with movement giving rise to lines around rocks are great. The issue I have this evening was that there were no waves nor was the water a mirror - just small (and in my opinion) boring waves. My compromise was to make a long exposure. Do you have any suggestions for have to approach such a scene I love to hear. Thanks again for a constructive comment!

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It is a beautiful scene; however, I feel it lacks a clear subject. The light is fantastic, and the rocks have great shadow detail, but i'm of the recent opinion that a great seascape cannot be just a beautiful sunset. I'd like to see a definite subject. The rocks in the foreground feel more of a compliment to the image.

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Thanks for your comment Ryan. You are absolutely right that some kind of point of interest would have been good. As it stands the subject is the sunset and the colors - a peaceful moment if you will. Anyway, great feed-back!

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Vis the water, another recent discussion in this group ha a photo working with a lot shorter exposure, but which allows more detail in the crashing waves, worth a look:

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Thanks for the link! Nice photo! Here is a link taken at the same location as my original photo but with a shorter exposure to get the bird sharp so you can see how the water was - no nice waves..ödhäll-ii-by-johan-lennartsson?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=1089241

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Given the setting I think you made the right call :)

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Lighten up the foreground rocks.

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thanks a lot for you suggestion. I will give it a try!