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As good as it gets(U.K)

Well, about as good as the milkyway gets for me in the Peak District, U.K. No moon, clear skies and darkest area I can find that is close ish by. After Tenerife the milkyway is just not the same. I do love it though and neeed my astro fix now and again. Lets have a look at your milkyway shots, bet there awesome in the states. Constructive criticism welcome. Cheers, Rob

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Nice shot! The image flows front to back for me. I’d bring out more contrast in the Milky Way. First I’d use the dehaze tool and lower the exposure of the sky in camera raw. Then I’d Work contrast of the sky with photoshop curves

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Will have a play around with it mate, cheers

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I'm curious How did you get the foreground that bright and sharp with that little noise?

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I pulled out the shadows in camera raw mate and used a program called Noiseware. The 5dsr copes with this stuff really well, I would have no chance with my 70d