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Dawn in Brisbane's East

For this shot, I was running to get down to the end of the jetty (from my previous spot on the beach) but realised I had left it too late and just wasn't going to make it before the sun peaked above the clouds. So I stopped here and quickly set up for this composition instead.

At this stage, I'm relatively happy with the shot but wanted to get some other perspectives, please. Do you think I should remove the people (near centre frame)? I added a slight vignette - I'm never usually a fan but do you think this adds to the image or not in this case?

Any other feedback is very welcome too. Thanks

[Single shot, Canon 6dii, 24-105mm L @ 67mm, ISO100, f11, s/s 3.2seconds]

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I think it's great just as it is Jonathan. Well done!

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i like it i wouldn't place the people somewhere else it wouldn't look right, either leave them or delete them entirely. i would leave the single person walking straight otherwise the leading lines will lead you into a dead space or you will lose visual interest. you framed it out well enough you might be able to bump up saturation/brightness a tiny bit on the walkway lights i like the softness of the sky though don't mess with that.all in all nice shot!

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Lovely tones, I feel the people add to the image. I personally wouldn’t remove them at all. But it’s down to how you feel.

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Might suggest instead of a vignette just a black gradient from the top down 1/4 or 1/5 just add an extra darker layer to the sky ... Like the vignette does but horizontal.

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I think this is a nice photo. Good colors and composition. I agree with Andy C about the vignette.
It would be interesting to se this composition with long exposure and people walking forth and back to make a blur impact. Would give more movement in the picture.
But I think the picture is very nice as it is.

My idea:
I'm not sure if this amount of vignetting is needed in this image, maybe there is too much vignetting or maybe the picture would work without vignetting.

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I like the people being there. The railing acts as a sort of leading line to the person on the left, and I like that the person on the right is right between the two light posts. I might prefer it if the pole wasn't cutting through that gazebo(maybe?) on the right, but it seems like with this focal length, there wasn't much you could have done
Overall, a nice simple photo.