Loughrigg Fell

I took this picture in the Lake District while I was on my way to Loughrigg Fell. Nutter that I am, I had brought all my gear and so my backpack was heavy as hell. When I reached this tree I thought I'd take take a breather in its shade and realised I had found my subject for the day.

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user-187388's picture

Very nice Thorsten.

Jordan McChesney's picture

Nice shot. Part of me wants to see something at the end of that path, but I think it’s solid overall.

I know what you mean - I keep telling myself that something are the fells in the background :-)

David Medeiros's picture

Love the shape of this tree and overall composition is nice, but my eye is being pulled away from the center by the bright clouds and sky to the left and right of the tree and the bright path as it leads away. I did a quick crop* to see what it looked like tighter in and I think it has better focus with out those extra spaces.

* side note, does anybody else do this? I find myself test cropping everyones images that get posted here to see what they might look like with different compositions. Is that rude?

Hi David! You're right, cropping does make the image look tighter and you get some kind of subframing if you do. At the time of taking this picture I wasn't sure if I'd go for subframing or for the curve eventually, so I shot a panorama to cover both cases and decide later what to do. If I were to crop this image, I'd only crop to the right of it, I wouldn't want to cut through the rock on the left.

On your side note, no I don't think that it's rude, I do it myself frequently, because it helps me to figure out what is wrong with someone else's picture and what to do about it.

David Medeiros's picture

I thought the same thing about the rock but it didn't look to bad cut partially away at least in my quick edit. You could always burn in the clouds in that corner a bit to help as well. The natural frame the tree creates is, to me, what this picture is all about.