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"10 minutes from home"

There's a "rule" that I've heard over and over again - find a spot within 10 minutes walk from your home and shoot it every time you can. As a landscape photographer living in one of Polish cities I thought that would be impossible for me, to practice my craft in this kind of environment. Imagine my surprise, when I was presented with that view on one of my evening walks. What a stunning place to shoot! And I only wish I had found it earlier, before awful autumn weather kicks in.

This is one of the first shots I took there. For now I didn't had luck for doing any better. ;)

Happy to hear your thoughts!

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personally i love the image simple to the point great colors nice fade great pop ...have to admit i thought the flower was fake at first i thought there was no way only 1 bloom in the entire patch. for cleanup sake i may have done the tedious task of filling the holes left by the parasites/insects in the front leaves but still.... great shot!

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Hi Joseph! Thanks for your thoughts and kind words. :)

I have to tell you that I was surprised myself because that flower was there and it was the only one blooming that day! I came back there few more times, but this little fellow had curled up and didn't want to pose anymore. But some others did bloom in different points of the path. It's quite bizarre and I didn't figure any pattern yet (like evening / morning, wet / dry, etc.)

I though about these leaves myself and for now I decided to leave them as they are, but I may clean them up eventually. It's a snail paradise there and they swarm everywhere if the humidity goes up a little bit (it's close to a river channel).

Thanks again, really glad you liked it an I appreciate your input! :)

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Thank you very much, Diane. Glad you like it! :)

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joseph cole I took your advice and did some cleaning. No more snail holes! :D

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hahaha man and i was just thinking they started to add character to the piece... haha just kidding nice work

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Very nice!