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The Mountains of Reine, Lofoten

Well guys, this is my very first post to the Fstoppers community and also a photo from the very first workshop I've been on in Lofoten.

This location is quite a popular one to shoot - from the Hamnoy Bridge. It was taken just after sunset, with some rain falling out.

What are your thoughts?

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Very good yogi. You're setting a high standard.

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Thank you very much Geoff!

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I've seen this image a ton as we all have i think you have put a nice spin on it more moody lower elevation so you only see the foremost homes rather than the whole village. the mountains in the background are very ominous and striking. long exposure or photo stack? either way nice job

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Hey Joseph, thank you for the comment. This was a long exposure blend. I did three blends for exposure in the foreground, one for the cabins, and one for the sky.

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Great shot Yogi, have spent a few minutes trying to find something to critique but nothing yet! Bravo

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Wow Mike! Thanks a lot for the comment! Really appreciate it!

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I love this shot. The perspective of the rocks in the foreground almost makes the houses look like scale models.

The one thing that sticks out to me is the light on the foreground rocks. Where is that coming from?

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Hi Chris! The light on the rocks in the foreground is coming for a street light that's on just above the bridge. The rocks are wet from the rain that had just fallen, which gives it a bit more luminance.

I'd say it's too blue dominant, too dark, and the foreground looks like you used a flash or something (too much dodging ?). Also I can't tell it's raining, which would add to the shot. If it's raining and there are wild conditions, show it to us. Don't hide it with a long exposure that'll flatten the waves. Because like you and Joseph said, it's a very very famous location, so now people expect a different composition, or what Glenn Randall calls an "ERNI", an exceptional rendition of a natural icon. Meaning that in the age of social media, you can't impress people with something everyone has seen multiple times. You need to either find another composition or have exceptional weather conditions. Other spots like this are Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, I don't know how many spots in Iceland (mainly waterfalls), the Mont Saint Michel in France, or Manarola in Italy. But it's ok you're not gonna get it right the first time, or it's pure luck. It requires multiple visits.

I see that you're from Trinidad and Tobago. No one photographs there, at least not on fstoppers. I'd be much more curious to see landscape pictures in your own country, because this time I'm pretty sure it won't be a location photographed to death. And that other picture on your portfolio (the B&W portrait) is quite stunning.

I'm 100% with Nick here. There's been an inflation of these iconic shots from Iceland (Kirkjufell anyone?), Lofoten, etc. and I for one have had enough of those for the next 5 years or so.

And Nick also raises a very good point, you live in a place with a huge potential for truly unique shots, why not take advantage of that?

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I was going to say something similar, dial back the blue just a tad. I'd like to see the waves crashing too, but given the time of day idk how possible that'd be for him especially if he was on a workshop (i.e. not being able to be there for long enough to time blend etc). I do think the foreground rocks are a little tooooooo illuminated, it's kind of pulling my eyes away from the village. However, I do like how ominous and low-key the background mountains are.

I think this shot is a cool take on a location that's very over-photographed (For good reason, not going to pretend I wouldn't take a similar shot for my own personal enjoyment). I'd just dial the blue back a tad, really!

Also, agree with the two fellas above, give us some Trinidad shots! That would be awesome!