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Can I use this image in my portfolio.

Eastern Himalayas is one of such range which is completely different from that of the rest of it. The weather remains almost moist through out the year which make is extremely difficult for trekkers and climbers. but on the other side make it extremely perfect for photographers. This picture was taken in North Sikkim district at Yumthang valley. Its an unnamed peak.
Nikon D5500

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The white balance is wrong, the image has a blue hue you need to modify. And there's no interesting lighting, it's neither backlit nor frontlit, it's just in the shade unfortunately. So no I wouldn't use it as a portfolio image.

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Yes as nick b says my first impression was wrong white balance. I dont think the lighting is a problem, although lighting from behind u (if low in the sky) or side would have been better. The snow has helped to give definition of the mountain. Its a cool composition and i like the fog bottom and right. Is it a portfolio shoot -not sure.

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Is the white balance correct now ?

Yes and you can see it's basically a black and white image. But you'd still need a light of some sort, it's too flat.

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Ok I understand. Lighting would have made this worth it.

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I have to say I really like it with the colour cast - it gives it a suitable cold feeling. iI find the adjusted version less evocative and a bit sterile.

The light could be better, but it's not boring either. What I love is the snaking gap in the clouds curving down through the image - to me it looks a bit like a question mark and has a nice air of mystery.

At the end of the day, do you think you should use it in your portfolio? Is it among your best - are you proud of it? If you are, then absolutely.

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I really loved the fact that you paid so much attention in the photo. I will work hard for better result. a little better light would have made it better. thank you for commenting

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Some photos look different depending on the scale in which you are viewing them. I find the larger scale in which this photo is viewed, the better it looks. More detail becomes apparent. I don't find the slightly blue cast objectionable but I wonder how this might look fully converted to B+W, perhaps even more dramatic? For your portfolio? only you can answer that on a personal basis. Ask yourself if this photo says who I am as a photographer. Also consider the scale it will be viewed in when you present it. Print? Web site? Viewed on a laptop or tablet or desktop monitor?

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Thank you so much. As of now the scale mainly confined to online and maybe small prints. Since it was not clicked with extremely sharp high end lens, I am afraid how detail will will be available on large prints. So as of now, I will keep it only for online and change it latter with better photos. thank you so much for for your expert advice. it really means a lot.

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so all these guys are correct from a landscape photo view i see this a nice movie poster style background ...put a batman logo on this (look below) and you might have something..btw don't put a trademarked image on your stuff and try and sell it you will get sued

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Hahhahaha. Thank you. I'll remember that.

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I would adjust the white balance a bit (I don't hate the blue cast, I would just pull it back) and try some exposure blending to push out the light a little. There are a lot of elements that work well for this image. But, the light does need some direction. You have some nice lines to follow so, I would load it into photoshop with a copy that has its exposure bumped up a bit to blend in select areas to give the eye some more details to follow. There is a nice S curve to follow right to the peak. But the light behind it needs some definition to flush out the focal point of the image.
I tried to see what I could do to bring it out a bit. I did a basic exposure blend on the ridge and textures, changed white balance and selectively warmed up the brighter areas.

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I would have waited a bit longer to see if the clouds would have open up more thus revealing the mountain/peak surrounded by the clouds. The balance it there, but the clouds are hindering the true composition of the image. In other words.. try again.. Ideally, what should have happen is that fog remain at the bottom of the image and the sky open up above.. this would have been a more desirable shot.