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Mysteries Abound

It was such a dramatic day in the Arava Desert. I spent a longer time waiting for the rain to clear enough to get this shot. CC welcome. Shit on a Nikon D5100. If I remember I was using my Nikkor 70-210 ISO 100. F/111"

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Beautiful shot. Were you fully zoomed in when you shot it?

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Okay so I double checked. I was using my 18-55mm fully zoomed at 55mm. Thanks man. Rain like this is rare here. We get around 15mm a year.

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Average here is about 865mm a year, and I'm in one of the drier parts of the country!

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Hi Marcus,

I like the mood and colours in this photo. I would have liked to see this shot with a longer lens. I think shooting at something like 70 or 80 mm (on a D5100 that would be about 110-120 mm), focusing on the right side of the picture where all the drama in the sky is, would have brought out a little more in this picture. Maybe even a portrait orientation. In my opinion, the left side isn't adding anything to the drama in this shot. Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and please don't shit on a Nikon 5100. Or on any other Nikon for that matter. Nikons are nice. I shoot with them too :)


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That's an interesting thought. I like the idea. I love my Nikon D5100. Of course I want the newest and best but I am very much a beginner and she fits me perfectly. Oh I see. I meant to write "shot on a Nikon D5100" 😄 whoops. Hahaha

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As already previously mentioned, I think using a longer focal length could have helped you pick out a more focused landscape within the landscape. This one has a little too much going on with a little too much sky, for me.

Also, with this particular composition, cropping or cloning out the dark line at the bottom might be a good idea, as it makes the picture seem like it's not straight even though I'm pretty sure it is.

I hope you're able to capture more scenes like this in the future!

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Cloning out the dark part maybe. Cropping I don't think would work. Like you said there is already to much sky. Believe me that was the first thing I thought too, I have too much sky here. But The light in the sky I really think makes this image. With out that you lose a lot.

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f/111 - holy shit that must be one massive DoF ;) (on second sight i saw that a space is missing, but i wont correct myself).

Contrary to others i don't think it needs to be zoomed in more. I would however like to see more of the ground to anchor that beautiful sky somewhere.

It also looks like it could introduce some cool layers.

Is the image tilted to the left? Or is that an illusion because of the dark line? But also the first mountain ridge is higher on the right than on the left.

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The image is most definitely level I think its from the dark line. This was taken from across a wide open desert valley. Not a lot to look at.

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I'm not talking about a lot more foreground, just enough to raise the mountain chain to about 1/3 of the image.
Right now that dark patch looks a bit awkward, but i could imagine the other way it could provide to the image:
Dark layer, green layer, mountain layer, awesome sky to round everything off.